A2 Flight Jacket

This season style with perfect A2 flight jacket for men

Welcome summer this season with the latest styling and trends. Glam up your manly look with perfect flight jacket for this season. Now you must be experiencing the climatic change and the temperature shift in the environment.  So, it is must that you should get a versatile, stylish and trendy jacket to get through the summer.

The A2 flight jacket is the classic military jacket that was earlier associated with World War II army air force pilot, borders and navigators. They had decorated their jacket with squadron patches and artwork and paints.

This summer styling with A2 flight jacket can make you look a perfect whenever you will step out of the house. It gives the perfect vintage look for the evening and day.  There are different varieties available in color and variations of collar. It is perfect to give a proper vintage look with half bely, bi swing back, waistband and knit cuffs. To add in the signature design of these jackets, a Patch of Aircraft owner or pilots association is attached on the chest by pingbacks.  You also get it stitched one, but this gives a more realistic look.

A2 jacket is must in your wardrobe

There are several reasons why these jackets are perennially popular. The first and the most popular feature is its perfect vintage look. It gives a classy presentation with the classic designs. The rightness about it makes it the never-ending trend in fashion. It has a tough look with a supremely functioning garment. That makes it popular too. It is ideal for a wide range of windy situations and cool fashion.

These jackets also hold a unique air of romance with the stylish remembrance of the open-cockpit. If your style with this traditional A2 flight jacket, then it will give you a look of vintage heroism and loyalty.

This jacket was designed in 1930 to replace the previous army jacket. It was in this jacket where the zipper was introduced with its manufacture. The zipper helped the best to protect from heavy wind than the button style.  The open cockpit flying and other anti-wind considerations were included in the hidden snaps placed in the collar point and flaps of the pocket to prevent them getting flapped around the neck.  This was then tested and then approved for the Armey purpose.

Fashionable jackets with sophisticated designs and pattern

Today these jackets are stylized with unique prints and design. They bring into limelight with the additional designs and add-ons in the styling. Earlier it was not much popular because of its costs and then it was the leather jacket that was ruling the market. But these days styling with A2 jacket can make you stand out in the crowd and will give you a perfect macho look. You are best protected by the heavy wind.

The flight jacket is one of the garments that was appreciated initially among the military team and later it was popular among the public. Then it became classic jackets with timeless popularity.

So if you hear about the a2 jacket these days then there are chances that there are additional features added into it and you have got some new trendy modified jacket.  Until now A2 jacket is the most popular flight jackets. You call it as a mother of all jackets.  It is remarkable to see how the jacket trend has maintained its popularity since ages.

This jacket is well suited for summer and by pairing it with rough denim to look smarter than ever!!!