Aviator Jacket Men

The latest among flying enthusiasts – the new trends

The clothing for pilots is not only the uniform, but also the modern trend. Many fashion designers borrow some elements of pilot’s uniform for their collections. For example, the cut of flight jacket and the aviator sun-glasses Ray-Ban can be seen in the wardrobe of mostly every person.

And even if the clothes for modern pilots differ from the flight clothing of past century, but the cut of the leather flight jacket is in trend even today.

So what are the peculiarities of modern clothing for flying enthusiasts and what role do they play in modern fashion?

The clothing for pilots should respond to certain criteria: be light, warm and not to restrict the movements. The basis of mostly every designer’s collection is the pilot jacket.

The aviator jackets as a uniform were mostly made of strong leather with warm lining made of sheep’s wool. But the progress in flight technologies changed the requirements to the clothing: when the planes started to fly higher, the leather jackets became wet and the moisture got frozen, such jacket began to restrict the pilot’s movements.

So leather jackets were changed to more comfortable model made of cotton or nylon with lining made of wool or nylon, which is popular among aviators even now. The main peculiarities of such jacket is the pockets on sleeves and the nylon lining of bright orange color, which pilot use as a signal in case of crash. The return of retro and military style in fashion, made the designers include the aviator jackets in their collections. Firstly, it is ideal for a temperate climate, and secondly, is incredibly comfortable for walking and driving a car, because it does not restrict movements.

Another advantage is that muted colors and simple lines of cut allow to wear it with any clothe.

In trend is aviator jacket for men and women made of leather. It usually has a high, often fur collar and fur lining and may be decorated with pockets or little belts on the sleeves and even embroidery. Depending on the season it also can have a thin nylon lining. Sometimes aviator jacket for men and women may have knitted cuffs and elastic shirr, although this is not obligatory.

Of course, clothing for pilots is not limited by the various models of flight jackets: this is also special shoes, and hats, and gloves, and pants, and coveralls. Among these items the most fashionable today are gloves, pants, hats and even sun-glasses. Gloves leggings are considered purely masculine element of clothing. They are also used by the military pilots, but besides that, gloves leggings became very trendy in a "peaceful life". Such gloves are very high and have fixing belt on the wrist. As for hats, very popular is the cut of pilot’s hat that hide the ears. It can be made of leather or knitted material. Drawstrings, pompon, and beautiful knitted ornament are the traditional elements of the modern “pilot’s hat”. Usually such hats are popular in winter seasons. All models of pants in military style are based on the cut of original pilot’s pants: tabs on the waist, back pockets, cargo pockets, stripes, metal studs and so on. Sun-glasses “aviators” are known even by those who are far from fashion. Teardrop shape sun-glasses can be seen on the nose of movie heroes and ordinary tram drivers, men with pumped muscles and fragile ladies. The elements of pilot’s clothing in your wardrobe will definitely single you out of the crowd and make your look universal and at the same time unique.