Aviator Jacket Women

How to choose aviator jackets for ladies – the practical tips

After military and sporty style became popular in clothing, women increasingly began to pay attention to the aviator jacket. Fitted, practical, warm and comfortable model of flight jacket is suitable for going out or for the party, as well as for everyday wear.

Aviator jacket for women has more variations than men’s flight jacket. There are models with fur or knitted collar, with elastic, textile or leather belt, sporty style models with lots of pockets with zippers, or more delicate samples with hidden pockets or embroidery.

The range of materials from which aviator jackets for women are sewn are increasingly expending: this is leather, fur, polyester, jacquard, suede. In the new season very popular are jackets with contrasting inserts, different from the base color of the material or even made ​​of a different material. Among them we should highlight the model on the front side finished with fur or suede. Aviator jackets made of fur is sewn mostly from luxurious mink or sable, and also from a practical fox or rabbit. Finishing can be different, but such model in any case will look luxurious. If you are practical and like to pick up outwear that will serve you for a long time, you should give preference to the emphasized classic lines of leather bomber, because leather bomber always looks interesting and fashionable and can be worn in any season. Slightly elongated bombers for women without shirr or a belt also returns into fashion. However, the classical models with insulated knitted shirr do not lose their popularity. The demi-season models of aviator jackets are characterized by a round neckline and short stand-up collar, and slightly square shoulders with low shoulder area. But among the winter jackets are still popular models with high insulated collar. If you want to look more elegant avoid significant details and select flight jackets without any decorations. Very elegant are bomber jackets designed in a minimalist style, but with a classic design. In the new season more and more popular become bombers of bright, eye-catching colors. However, those who bought a classic pilot jacket of elegant black or brown colors do not get disappointed. These jackets were and remain one of the most convenient and popular models, due to its versatility. Black bombers are an immortal classic, which, moreover, is always appropriate. Black color is universal, it is not easily soiled, bright enough, especially if properly to combine with it some bright accessories. If you want to buy an item for every day, black bomber is for you. And not less important is the fact that black color makes the person look slimmer.  Bomber jackets of black, white, dark blue, beige and brown colors never go out of fashion and are considered timeless.

Women's bomber jacket has no clear rules of wearing. Combining it with the clothing of different styles, you can create unusual look depending on the mood. It is perfectly worn with tight jeans and short pants. However, it will look elegant even with a narrowed dress and long fitted skirt, and even thoughtless lush mini-skirt.

It is difficult to say with certainty what is attractive in such outerwear as bomber jacket, perhaps originality or the effective combination of leather and fur. Important is the thing that the "pilots" are in trend today, that with their help women are able to emphasize on their ideal taste and can show their knowledge of the latest fashion trends.