Aviator Jacket

A must have for harsh winter and high altitude – The leather jackets

In cold seasons, especially in winter, not only design and style of clothing are important, but its quality and providing protection from the cold. As you know, the leather is a material that the best protects against cold, wind, rain, but leather is breathable freely. Also the leather is a very practical material. The leather does not deform, it is difficult to break, not wrinkled. It is not afraid of changes of temperatures and does not crack in the cold. Winter leather jacket allows an active lifestyle, being in constant motion, not a burden. Choosing of winter jacket depends on weather conditions in the territory of your residence. Winter can be soft and mild, but can be harsh and very cold. For harsh winter you should pay attention to leather jackets with insulation.

Luxury fashion houses and mass-market brands offer different options of bomber and aviator jacket this winter season. These jackets were sewn to military pilots and jackets had to defend them from the wind and cold. Subsequently, bomber and aviator jacket have become the part of mass fashion. These jackets are especially actual this winter. The market offers several basic options of bomber and flight leather jackets with many varieties. Winter versions of these jackets is indispensable to have rubber inserts on the sleeves and below of the jackets, collars, multiple pockets, zip-locks, badges, buttons, hood, fur. Rubber inserts on the jacket and the sleeves do not allow wind to penetrate the body, protect against cold and keep warm. Fur can be placed inside the jacket, outside on the hood, sleeves, chest. Furs further the protection and warm in bad weather. Availability of the hood is very practical, it also protects against snow, rain, cold, wind, especially if hats and umbrellas are absent. Many pockets let you carry all the necessary things and warm hands in the cold and frost, especially if there aren’t gloves. A reliable source of insulation is sheepskin and shearling leather jackets. However, leather jackets and fur for insulation should be high quality and natural, only then they will truly warm and protect in the bad weather. In this case, the leather is an ecological material. Also leather has a special coating that repels rain and sleet. Leather jacket has a long service life and did not lose its good look. The most popular colors of the bomber and aviator jacket are black, brown, green, red and blue. These colors are versatile, suitable for any clothes.

Leather jacket is ideal for winter outerwear. Furthermore bomber and flight leather jackets you can choose others leather jackets that offers fashion season. Insulation in jackets ican be the same and it is the most important, but the design can be different. The new winter season offers many classic, interesting, original, color models of leather jackets. Winter jackets can be monophonic or with color accents of leather and textile, in minimalist style or with lots of buttons and zippers, asymmetric or quilted. The main attributes of winter jackets should be leather, fur skin, if desired hood. Imitation of leather and fur do not give the desired warmth and protection from the cold winter weather. You can also sew winter leather jacket on an individual order. That’s why leather jacket is a must have for harsh winter and high altitude. Winter leather jacket gives comfort, warmth, confidence and stylish look. Any clothing, shoes, scarves, gloves; hats can be combined with a leather jacket.