B-15 Flight Jacket

Leather jackets which heroes wear - The flight jackets, what new this season

Most of us want to look the best and in this competition of looking different, we adopt many types of styles from funky looks, to the sporty looks to delicate styles. The trends of fashion keep changing. Going by the trends, every season has its own new way to style. With the autumn fall/ winter collection overflowing in stores and you would be confused about what to choose for your wardrobe from the huge lot.

Covering the jacket trend, one is aware of different jackets. The best and classy one for winters is the leather jacket and if it's a flight jacket than it can be beaten by none. B-15 flight jacket is one such in this category. These jackets are fashionable and worn by the most daring and courageous cast of the society.

If you are bold, heroic, brave and strong enough, then this might be the best trending jacket for you. If you ever wanted to become a pilot or get into the army, but unfortunately you were not successful, then you can feel that essence from your outfits which are now in fashion and give you a classy look.

New fashion trends

New fashion trends show an increasing inclination for these jackets among the tough guys. This season brings with it a great zeal among guys as they are eagerly waiting to wear these stylish bomber jackets. Following are the new trends for the flight jackets:

- Use of nylon shell is the buzz of the recent trend

- Removable synthetic stylish mouton fur collared flight jacket will give you extra heroic look. These jackets are best suited with classic jeans with leather belts, shoes and a hippy style hairdo.

- With the Kevlar stitching along with an onion quilted lining give the flight jacket a new look keeping the classic touch.

- One of the recent trends is to include “button throat latch” which secures the trendy plush faux furred collar. Only heroes dare to wear it.

- Yet another recent trend evolved is the use of knit cuffs along with the wider waistband.

How did the trend emerge?

During the World War I, many airplanes did not have enough coverings to protect the pilots from the chilling cold. They developed a flight jacket which covered them tightly and help to fight with ease. And this was the beginning of the now trending flight jackets. Every trend has to be started by someone and thus the beginner here were the people with brave instincts and showing heroic qualities.

With time, people from different places started to wear them as a fashion statement. Slowly and steadily it entered the huge world of fashion. People wear them on casual occasions generally. It started to give a hip-hop personality to people. Now it's no longer only for military purpose, but has become a style statement for many brave. B-15 jacket gained a huge response among people. Followers have started following this trend of the great era of fashion. There is no scope for any bit of air entering into this jacket as it covers you tightly entirely from neck to waist.

Features making a leather jacket classy

With its sole purpose to prevent from cold, it was a hit among many. But many other features are in it, which is the cause for its success rate to become a fashion statement. It is a leather jacket with a zipper, fur at the collar, giving an extra edge over other leather jackets. Fur from the starting has been a sign for royals and thus making this jacket more and more enriched with the definition of classy. Golden zippers on the black leather jackets are itself an eye catching stuff. The attraction of B-15 flight jacket comes with boldness, which clearly visible in the look.

Flight jackets give a deeper impact on the personality of a person. Thus, only wearing it gives a whole and detailed account of your personality without speaking a word. If you are brave and bold and want to impress others with your heroic instincts, then follow the trend, guys!!! Don't let go the chance to impress the ladies out there waiting for their perfect ones. Every woman wants to have a man who is strong, so this jacket is the most stylish way to give you a strong look.