Bomber Jacket Men

Bomber jacket - why the must have leather garment

Leather has been used for outwear manufacturing from the beginning of men’s era. It is soft enough for easy processing and thick enough to protect a man from unfavorable weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow. In cold weather leather clothes saves maximum of body’s warmth and in hot weather it doesn’t get hot quickly. Easiness of processing leather allows producing different textures and forms and natural material looks expensive and beautiful. 

Thanks to its wonderful protective and esthetic features leather today remains as popular as hundreds years ago. This is why leather pieces of outwear can be found in any wardrobe, a woman’s or a man’s one. All this also explains why this material was used for making first bomber jackets which were uniform for military pilots.

After many years passed, a bomber jacket transformed into an extremely comfortable and highly versatile thing which has become a must have for every style conscious person. Today bomber jacket men made of leather is all the range again. It was presented in the collections of all well known fashion houses and is offered by all branded boutiques. Autumn 2014 men’s bomber has some distinguishing features.

Distinguishing traits of new season’s leather men’s bomber

New season’s leather men’s bomber successfully combines comfort and sexuality, the traits of work clothes and classic style traits such as lapels. New versions proposed by modern designers move further from classic military bomber style. Autumn-winter 2014-2015 leather bomber jacket can be colored except traditional brown, blue and dark blue, in so radiant and bright colors as Bordeaux, deep green or cognac. It can be decorated with a fur collar or fur inserts, pockets and metal elements.

New collections have also demonstrated the wish of their creators to make elite leather garment and show its noble and expensive look. That is why a lot of trendy models of autumn-winter 2014-2015 are going to be produced of high class leathers, such as soft leather with slight patina. While cheaper variants can be easily combined with any piece of wardrobe including simple tops (T-shirts and informal shirts), elite style leather bomber may become a central part of a man’s image and have to be completed with modest but elite class things such as merino wool or cashmere golfs and sweaters. Use of expensive materials makes wearing bomber jackets appropriate not only for young persons but for men of all ages.

Unlike numerous oversize styled models, which we can found in almost every womens collection, a leather bomber jacket men isn’t supposed to be oversized. While free models emphasize the beauty and fragileness of women’s figures they look baggy and odd on men. So, choosing a leather bomber, men should try to choose the exact size which would provide slim fitting of a jacket and show masculinity of the figure.

Versatility and combinability

Leather bomber jacket men are versatile enough to be part of business like outlook as well as everyday or sporty image.  One bomber in a men’s wardrobe can replace several jackets of different styles so there is no need to explain why all fashion experts consider it to be a must have of men’s fashion. Bomber can be put on with classic, golf style and informal shirts, thin golfs and sweaters, slim fit trousers and jeans, sporty and classic style shoes. Bombers with detachable insulation can become all-season pieces of outwear. Besides, such models are perfect choice for customers with tight budget.