Bomber Jacket Women

Latest in leather bomber jackets for ladies this season

It would be a mistake to think that women’s bomber jackets are baggy, shapeless and can be used only as sport clothes articles.  From the beginning of their history bombers has changed a lot and turned of men’s (pilots) clothing articles into trendy and elegant unisex pieces of midseason outerwear. First bombers for pilots were made of horse leather. Then they began being manufactured from more light weighing materials – nylon, tweed, even silk for spring-summer women variants. This cool season finishes the circle and brings leather bomber jacket to the top again.

This time designers did their best to create bomber jacket women which would be appropriate for any occasion and weather. They decorated it with contrast inserts and buttons, pockets and zips, patchwork and prints. Having purchased such a clothing article you will have no need to buy a formal classic style leather jacket or an informal biker jacket because a stylish bomber jacket for ladies will be able to replace both and even more. 

This versatility will be highly appreciated by thrifty buyers.  In new cool season bomber jacket women has already become one of the most demanded lots in leather boutiques and online shops. To purchase a trendy leather thing which will be appropriated in future seasons it is necessary to be style-conscious and get acquainted with all new tendencies and peculiarities of the new collections.

New season’s leather bomber jacket and its peculiarities

A lot of attention is paid this season to the quality and texture of leather. Quilted and perforated leather bombers will become real findings for extravagancy lovers while classic style fans and people who have different styles’ clothes in their wardrobes will find a lot of cute models made of traditional mat and patent leather, sheepskin or suede.

New style bombers are short as usual. They may have knitted or leather cuffs and different types of zips which will play a role of decorative elements. It is up for the customer to choose  the tint of her future bomber jacket as this season catalogues offers a lot of classic colored models as well as radiant red, deep blue and emerald green variants. For fashionistas who love to stand out of a crowd there are a lot of printed and fur-decorated models. One of top fashionable hits is a zip fastened bomber with classic black and front and animal or floral printed sleeves.

Autumn-winter bomber jacket women tend to be a little bit oversized. It doesn’t mean being a too big shapeless thing but just a little more volumetric. This trendy feature will give even more opportunities to combine leather bomber with other clothing articles. For example, in cold weather you will easily put it up with a thick knitted sweater or a dress.

The list of ‘bomber’s wardrobe partners’ is infinite as never before.  Leather bombers can be put on with slim cut trousers and jeans, both mini and maxi skirts and dresses, T-shirts and shirts, silky tops, sweaters and sweatshirts. Taking into account the eclectic ideas of new autumn collections, you can wear your bomber jacket women with anything you like.  The only restriction may concern slacks, bell-silhouetted mid length skirts and other volumetric clothing article which can upset the balance of your image especially if the bomber is oversized cut.

This rule includes footwear as well. This autumn designers recommend combining a bomber not only with sneakers and sporty shoes but also with high heeled ankle bots and high boots on a flat sole.