Brown Bomber Jacket

How and what to choose the latest in leather jackets

Leather jacket is one of the most popular clothing for the cold season. Amazing diversity of colors and models often leads us to a standstill: what to choose to look stylish and not to sacrifice the own comfort? In this article we will consider the basic design techniques developed by recognized masters of the fashion industry, and try to understand how and what you can choose among the variety of leather jackets.

Patent leather is a material that is designed to attract attention and create a bright eye-catching images and such style is in trend today. Glossy leather jackets do not tolerate excessive decorations. To make such jackets special designers use unusual cut: volume up collars, original wide sleeves, stitching.

The most actual and elegant are extended leather jackets with lace pattern along the top layer of a jacket and contrast lower part, the shortened form-fitting leather jacket in, models with short or puffed sleeves, as well as “motorcycle” jacket with quilted sleeves.

As for colors of such leather jackets, more often can be seen the classic black lacquer colors and soothing shades of purple.

The leather jacket in a "hunter's style" become popular in the new autumn-winter season. They often have a light brown or marsh coloring, a large number of various pockets and certainly the belt.

This season designers also used fur in their collections of leather jackets. Fashionable leather jackets two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen do not only have the usual fur collars, but also separate elements made ​​entirely of fur, for example, jackets with fur sleeves. Leather jacket with fur looks exquisite and, of course, chic. Jacket of such style is very suitable for businesswoman. On men these jackets look equally stylish. In the new season are still in fashion classic cut and soft colors – brown, gray, black. Special emphasis the designers made on ​​the fur finishing of hoods, collars, sleeves and pockets. As for the cut, fashionable are fitted models, but of course the straight cut is not ignored and stays very actual this season.

Another fashion trend of the upcoming season is the leather bomber jacket.  Bomber jackets are loose and slightly straitened on the waist, which is beneficial for those who want to look slimmer. The main feature of the light leather bombers is the presence of decorative elements such as valves, straps, detachable parts and yoke, and pockets. Very popular are bright – yellow, magenta, purple and classic autumn colors – black and brown bomber jackets. The brown bomber jacket with a slight hint of vintage looks original, especially when combined with jeans.

The purchase of a leather jacket is a solid investment, so we advise you to be very careful. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the leather. The best choice is the leather of sheep or calf. Very strong and durable are jackets from bull’s leather. Pay attention to the colors of things in your wardrobe. If dominant are black and white palette, or, conversely, very bright, make a choice in favor of a model of dark color, and the soft tones of the clothes better are combined with the brown models of leather jackets. The suitable leather jacket in any case should not restrict your movements. It should encircle the shoulders, but not hang down and have narrow, but not very long sleeves.

In recent years, the market offers many models of women's and men's leather jackets. Feel free to experiment by following the fashion trends, do not be afraid to seem extravagant or "too young", because leather jacket is the article of clothe that is not afraid of imagination and creativity.