Flight Jacket

Why leather flight jackets are always in mode and what’s new this season

Many things, colors, clothing, footwear, accessories and styles are always in mode. These things are classic, versatile, elegant or sporty but always popular, actual and desirable. The secret of this success always has some reason and fashion historians try to explore these reasons. Leather flight jacket is the thing of wardrobe that is always fashionable, stylish and practical.

Many men and women around the world prefer this outerwear, although the design flight jackets were designed for men - military pilots. Almost every fashion season offers new models and styles of leather flight jackets. Season Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 was no exception.

The first major cause of eternal popularity of leather jacket is its protection and practicality. Leather jacket the best protects from wind, cold, snow, rain and provides the human body with warmth. Leather flight jacket may be worn in summer and winter, it can be short and long. The leather is covered with a special layer that repels water. Leather jacket is easy to wipe of dirt and leather is difficult to break. These jackets may have additional insulation (sheepskin and shearling) and hood. Leather is a very durable material and that’s why leather jacket can be worn for many years and it will always look good. The second main reason for urgency of leather jackets is its exquisite appearance. The leather is bright and expressive material, as a leather detail makes the look special and interesting. This may be a classic, sophisticated, elegant, sporty, smart-casual, rock or any other style. Leather and fur of the jacket should be natural. In that case, leather jacket warms, protects from bad weather, sits well on the woman’s or man’s figure and is durable.

The bomber and flight jackets are especially popular among leather jackets this winter season. These jackets have certain characteristics. First of all, it has rubber inserts that fit snugly to the body, arms and neck, so do not let the wind and cold to the body. The back of the jacket is usually sewn from a single piece of leather. Also these jackets have good insulation of high quality fur. Some models of bomber and flight jackets are with hoods and collars with fur. These jackets have many buttons, stripes, zippers. Actual models may have different amount of fur, different collars or round neckline. Some jackets may be sewn from fabric, but have leather sleeves. Black, red, green, blue, brown, beige are the most popular colors of leather bomber and flight jackets. But leather jackets may have different prints: animalistic and floral motifs, figures, abstract and colored leather and fabric inserts. These jackets can be sewn with a matte or shiny skin. Also flight jackets are popular in military color this season. Leather flight jackets make it possible to feel comfortable and confident to move freely. The flight jackets can be combined with a variety of clothing: jeans, tight pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, overalls. These jackets can also be quilted, what is especially fashionable this winter season. Elegant model of flight jackets can be sewn with belt and cape.

The main reason of the popularity of leather flight jackets is their unwavering practicality and actuality. These jackets can be worn for different weather. They are universal for fit to different clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, scarves, hats. You can wear a jacket for many years and it will always be fashionable and stylish. High-quality leather and fur provide protection and warmth for many years. Choose your original flight jacket and create unique personal style!