Flight Jackets For Men

Flight jackets – the past, present and future

Flight jackets for men have appeared during the First World War. Then the cabins of planes were not equipped with safety glass, and on the high altitude the temperature in the cabins could reach fifty degrees below zero. In such conditions pilots must wear an extremely warm and windproof clothing, and military departments of the United States and many European countries have begun to develop flight uniforms.

The name of the legendary pilot jacket was taken from the name of the profession of pilots whose uniform it was. The second name of this jacket is “bomber". This name it owes pilots of bombers, who wore it as a uniform. In addition to convenience, style such jacket had to protect against low temperatures, strong winds, rain and fire. The fitting jacket is equipped with a high collar and a hood that protects against bad weather and durable zipper. From the cold protects warm lining made ​​of natural sheep’s leather.

Its traditional form flight jacket acquired at the beginning of the twentieth century, produced by L. Irwin. Such jacket was sewn from strong leather with lining made of sheep’s leather, collar, belt and cuffs with zippers. Flight leather jacket was painted mostly in dark brown and red-brown tones. American bomber pilots often sewn on their jackets emblems of the squadron, chevrons and other signs and sometimes even painted the whole picture on the back. Another interesting fact is that thanks to the publication and the extraordinary popularity of the movie "Top Gun" legendary model G-1 was changed and the lining of the jacket contained the image of the map of the territory, which the pilot could use in the plane crush.

In nineteen forty leather jackets were changed to lighter and more comfortable model made of cotton and nylon, which are popular among aviators even now. And, moreover, in its design first appeared the sleeve pocket – detail, without which it bomber cannot be imagined today. In nineteen forty nine appeared flight jacket MA-1, that is the model on which are based modern aviator jackets. The collar made of sheep was replaced by textile collar and the lining was of bright orange color. In the case of an emergency landing, the pilot must wear a jacket inside out and thus rescuers could find him quicker from the air.

The modern version of the flight jacket does not allow the presence of stripes and emblems. Jackets are now painted only in a dark brown color. The materials, from which flight jackets are sewn, remain traditional – thick bull’s or goat’s leather. In addition, all materials used in the production of flight jackets are processed with a special fireproof compound. Modern bomber jacket is equipped with additional details that increase comfort and practicality: special flappers, providing freedom of movement, located on the back and armpits.

In nineteen ninety the classical flight jacket attracted the attention of designers. Since then, the flight jacket finally became an integral part of classical men's wardrobe. Today flight jackets for men and women can be seen in the collections of almost every brand. In current models can be made of a variety of materials, but preference is given to natural leather and fur. Thick leather combined with a warm fur will protect from any cold and wind. All models are short, with the length to the waist or little below it. Colors also remain traditional, although are becoming more popular maroon, green and blue colors, khaki, all the basic colors and shades used in military uniforms.

Today and in future flight jacket is and will be mostly associated with modern trend, but not a part of the uniform. The profession of a pilot has become more secure and less popular and the production of such jackets for military purposes has been significantly reduced, but the production of bomber jackets in fashion industry will be always actual.