G-1 Flight Jacket

The flight jackets: The past and present trends

The flight jackets are classics of world fashion. They are actual in different seasons, for different generations of men and women. These jackets have interesting origin and long history of development. Every fashion season is known by designers creating of new, interesting and innovative models of flight jackets. These jackets are difficult to confuse with other jackets, but they have changed a lot in comparing to what they were in the distant war period.

We have mentioned the war period because the flight jackets were created during the First World War. But then plants did not mass produce these jackets. Only in the 30's of the 20th century owners of the aeroclub Douglas brothers began to wear their employees and guests in special leather jackets that were very warm and comfortable.

Later, the military leadership of the USA Air Forces drew attention to the popularity and convenience of the flight jackets and began to order its mass tailoring. The Special Committee was established to provide reliable pilot jackets. The flight jackets were made of leather, had high collars, zippers, fur inserts, rubber inserts below the jacket and sleeves that protected against the penetration of the cold and wind.

Models of type A-2 and G-1 flight jacket are the two most popular styles in fashion history of such jackets. Jacket A-2 is also called bomber jacket. It is not as warm as a flight jacket, but has the same style. Pilots wear a summer jacket when were in airplanes and rooms with heating. Usually pilots wore warm flight jacket of models B-3 and B-6 with sheep fur. Later jacket A-2 was used only to replace damaged warm jackets. Firms began to make ordered jackets of fabric models B-10 and B-15. The main features of flight jacket type A-2 is the lack of insulation in the pockets, the back of the jacket is made of a single piece of horse or goat skin, light silk or textile substrate, the presence of the label. The most popular colors of bomber jackets were dark brown and red-brown. Zippers for jackets were made of steel or bronze, were plated. The flight jacket type A-2 handed to a pilot who finished primary education. In general, only military pilots could wear flight jacket, but its popularity and practicality were very large. A large number of patches were put to sleeveless flight jacket during the military activities of the pilot. Now the real flight jacket type A-2 is a unique and expensive.

The G-1 flight jacket was made frequently over a long period of time. Then production was discontinued. It had elastic skin, rubber inserts, internal and external pockets, valves, ventilation and fur on the collar. Tom Cruise in the movie «Topgun» 1985 has a stylish G-1 flight jacket with lots of patches. The flight jacket G-1 became very popular again. After this film such jackets were began to produce again. You can find the original jacket in vintage stores or sew on an individual order.

Modern fashion designers use the basis of the flight jacket and create new and interesting models of such jackets. These jackets are made from different types of leather and textile, with different substrates. There are summer and winter jackets pilots. These jackets can have rubber inserts, hood, fur inserts on the sleeves, collar. The collar can be classic or round. Also the number of pockets may vary. The pilot jackets may have buttons or zippers. Models of jackets can be for men and women. That is why many models are created with different color leather (green, red, blue, black), textile with prints (flowers, leopard, figure, abstract). Collections of the most famous fashion houses include stylish and modern models of flight jackets.

The flight jackets are comfortable, practical and stylish at any time. It is suitable for different styles and clothing (sports, classic, rock style, smart-casual, glamor). Buying of quality leather flight jacket is beneficial and correct purchase for many years!