Irvin Flying Jacket

Pilots In Style- The Most Popular Trends Among Flight Jackets

Every man wants to be in style, as per the latest trends. No matter with which profession a man belongs to, he always looks for the stylish clothes and accessories. The same case is with the pilots and the flight jackets are one of the essential garments. The flight jackets were designed in order to defend a pilot throughout World War I, while fighter cockpits were yet exposed to the atmosphere and the elements were each and every bit a risk in the form of the enemy.

When it comes to flight jacket styling, there is a plethora of popular trends available such as an Irvin flying jacket. It is important to choose a flight jacket with rugged, resolute and strong style. Take a look at below mentioned trends for flight jackets:

A-2 Jacket

This type of jacket acts as a military flight jacket. It is closely related to the World War II US Army Air Force Bombardiers, Pilots and Navigators. It is sometimes known as bomber jacket. It was originally designed as a Jacket, Pilots for summer seasons. There are different features of this type of flight jacket such as a shirt style snap down collar, knit waistbands and cuffs, shoulder straps,  a snap flap patch pocket, a lightweight cotton or silk inner lining, and many others.

MA-1 bomber jacket

It is also referred to as a MA-1 flight jacket. It was initially developed in the year of 1950. It has its predecessor, known as a B-15 flight jacket. Its predecessor was required at that time due to the appearance of the jet age made new needs for pilot comfort, safety and performance. It was designed in such a manner that it might serve as an intermediary weight flight jacket to use all year. It has a lightweight nylon design that is permitted the pilot to dress up with the open jacket and be relaxed in warm weather.

MA-2 Bomber Jacket

This type of flight jacket is also known as CWU-45 flight jacket or MA-2 flight jacket. You can say that it is an edition of the MA-1 bomber jacket. But it is different from MA-1 due to its design in such a manner: it has large cargo pockets than MA-1. The cut is somehow shorter. It is not usually lining of orange color. It has a different design as compared to MA-1 as on MA-1, sleeves unite the back so that a pilot can move easily.

Blouse jacket

It is also known as a blouson jacket. It is a coat that is portrayed tight at the waist that creates it to blouse out and overshadow the waistband. It has similar features to the police blouson and American flight jacket. It is associated with the Eisenhower jacket. This type of flight jacket can be used to wear for casual civilian and sports activities.

You can find out a wide range of flight jackets such as an Irvin flying jacket in terms of materials, colors, sizes, styles and designs. Nomex flight jackets, leather flight jackets and many others are different trends of flight jackets available in the market to choose from.