Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather jackets - the trends and types this season

Natural materials which were so demanded during last seasons don’t leave their pedestal in autumn. Warm tweed, soft sheep wool and leather, the queen of cool season materials, are on their peak again. All famous fashion houses which presented their collections on fashion weeks in Italy, France and other centers of fashion industry have demonstrated lots of leather models on the runway.  The wide range of models consisted mostly of short jackets and coats such as leather bomber jacket, short cut plaid coat, mid length or short sheepskin coat and so on.

Fashionists who are sure that there is nothing new to say about the traditional material which has been used for outerwear making from the beginning of times will be surprised to see fresh and unusual combinations in the new season’s catalogues.

Mat and glossy, soft and rough leather textures will be successfully combined with fur and fabrics. New leather jackets will be beautifully decorated with zippers and rivets, volumetric buttons and pockets, fringe and patchwork. Especially popular types of leather processing will be lace perforation and quilted texture.

Leather jackets that will be all the range in autumn- winter.

Having made sure that leather will be the clout of autumn-winter collections, let us observe the most popular and trendy models which are going to be must haves of a new season.

The trendiest models of autumn-winter will successfully combine comfort, practicality and sexuality. For example, leather bomber jacket with short sleeves and bottom will come into fashion again. Light-weighed and extremely sexually cut, it will emphasize the lines of slim waist and beautiful wrists. It will definitely become young girls’ favorite. Shortened models will look superb with silky blouses, thin jersey golfs with short or 3|4 length sleeves, short jersey dresses with short sleeves.

As we see, comfortable and stylish leather bomber jacket will not loose popularity. Moreover, it will even strengthen its position. One of the newest trends will be printed bomber of leather.

Floral and animal prints which could be seen on bomber jackets during previous season will move to the leather surface. Printed or monochrome leather bomber jacket with cuffs on the sleeves and belt will take its rightful place in cool season’s catalogues. It would be successfully combined with monochrome slim cut trousers or jeans.

Fashionists who always try to look unique and elegant will find for themselves a lot of asymmetric and oversize cut models.  Such a cut won’t even a little spoil the look of a slim figure. Moreover, it will even emphasize the fragility, finesse and grace of a woman. These models are indispensable for smart casual lovers and will help them in creating lots of fresh and elegant looks.

Eternal leather classics will find their niche in new season’s range of models too. Biker’s leather jackets with pockets and metal elements of décor, shortened and elongated classic style black jackets and retro models of natural brown leather with toscana collars will be both relevant and fashionable this season. The most demanded will be classic models with classic and stand-up collars or round necks.

This season designers will pay much attention to the quality of materials and manufacturing. Elite class leather jackets made of soft and thin natural leather with chic fur collars and padded lining will definitely attract the attention of fashionistas and a great number of insulated models will give them an opportunity to wear their leather favorites all year round.