Mens Shearling Coats

Leather coats for men- What’s new this season

A leather coat is not just a garment; it’s a decision. It is a long-term investment and beholds the highest rank on the list of must-have apparels for every man during winters. They are tough, they are thick, they are timeless and never become out of fashion. Fall is about to end and winter is knocking at our doorsteps. It’s time to stack up the wardrobes with the upcoming trendy and stylish men’s leather coats. A perfect apparel for all men and this is what gets used the most during the season. It becomes a part of any winter outfit and shows on the most. This is not the time when one should settle down or compromise with a sartorial leather coat.

A leather coat is an apt way to add an edge to an outfit at any time of year, and if you have the right eye for it and treat it well, it would surely last a lifetime.

Probably, you might not be able to pull of the James Dean look exactly, but with plethora of variants available, you’ll surely find out the style that suits you perfectly.

So, need some inspiration? Read further to get the right signature style for you. Leather, Shearling or a camel - model Oliver Cheshire selects his favourite men's coats for the coming season.


Shearling is a fur made up of real sheep skin or artificially made. It is a type of fabric which helps keep you warm and cozy. Shearling is a style which made its comeback with full charge and were a lot in combination with leather. Mens shearling coats are in this season, you will see a lot of development in shearling and fur this season with the immense popularity.


Within men’s wear, duffle coats have gained a lot of popularity this season along with the mens shearling coats. Like many other styles, duffle coats also have its roots back to military background. It was basically worn by Belgian fishermen and then it gained popularity among the common population, to keep themselves protected from the cold winds of the North Sea and Atlantic. Earlier the duffle coats were made large so as the person can wear another warm thick cloth beneath the duffle coat to add warmth, had hood attached to them, and were fastened by toggles. Modern day duffle coats still retain their older appearance with their thick construction which will keep you warm and dry throughout the winters.


This autumn/winter season you will see a lot of better colors, textures, and better layering options. Ask any men about their top coat preferences and you will notice that majority of the men will be voting for blazers, it feels that blazers become significantly important part of the men’s wardrobe. They are also very easy to wear and goes well with either of the shirt or a t-shirt, and gives a very elegant and descent look. One of the easiest way to look different from other and standout in crowd is to wear blazer outwards. So when it is not as cold outside that you can wear thick coat, so you can cover and warm yourself with blazers.


So with this article you will get to know the different types of leather coats which are in trend and stealing the show this season. All you have to do is pick the coat which suits your style best and compliments you best, and then all the eyes will be on you.