Red Bomber Jacket

Shades of color – colored leather jackets, the new trend this winter

Leather jacket is a classic of all time. Designers and fashion houses of Europe and the United States keep returning to the leather in their collections. Whenever leather jackets are more stylish, interesting and original. This season designers offer a wide range of leather jackets in different colors. Despite the cold season, you are not limited by only dark colors - black, brown, gray. Winter is the season to be bright and stylish!

Colored leather boomer jackets are very popular this winter. You can find different models with fur on jackets. Fur can be completely on the surface of jackets, inside of jackets or on separate parts (collar, sleeves). Young girls and even boys especially prefer red bomber jacket. Also, these jackets can be decorated with interesting and stylish pattern (animal and floral motifs, cell, crow's feet, figure, abstraction). These color models of leather jackets are sew with different collars, racks or just round neck. Also you can choose jackets for the winter with different lengths - short, medium length, long.

Despite the fact that different colored leather jackets are popular and actual this season, there are some especially popular colors like yellow, red, blue, white, orange and beige. Each of these colors has many shades used in dyeing of leather jackets. Leather jackets of these colors can be sew with wide sleeves and jackets oversized. Elegant ladies can choose colored leather jackets with cape and belt. Fashionable this season are jackets that combine particles of different colors of leather and suede, different textures and pasting textiles. Leather jacket can have sleeves with contrast textile or textile jacket can have leather sleeves. Minimalism in detail is popular among the leather jackets this winter. However, if you are a fan of rock and roll clothing, you will find specific types of leather jackets with lots of buttons, studs and zippers. Models of colored jackets can also be asymmetrical or have asymmetrical details. Fur on leather jackets can be short or lush. Also designers offer many stylish and warm color models of cropped biker, hooded, quilted, flight aviator, shearling and sheepskin leather jackets. These jackets are warm and comfortable especially for harsh winter and high altitude in all countries and regions. Leather jackets are always actual and popular, so you can wear a quality and stylish jacket for a few seasons.

When you choose leather jackets, especially in color, you need to pay special attention to the quality of painting and sewing. Leather jacket should be qualitatively painted and leave no trace of paint on clothes. The quality of leather is directly important, but also the quality of shearling and sheepskin. The quality of materials influences on protection against cold, wind and generally unfavorable weather in the winter.

Colored leather jackets are extremely versatile and can be combined with any clothing. These jackets are suitable with skinny jeans, colored short skirts, shorts and warm tights, colored dresses, classic pants, suits, sportswear, different shoes. The most versatile option is red bomber jacket, with which you can create a sporty, classic, smart-casual and elegant styles. Color leather jackets are preferred by celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson, Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively and many other famous men and women. This season offers a large selection of models of a variety colored leather jackets that are suitable for different tastes and styles for men and women. Anyone can create a unique look with fashionable winter leather jacket!