Shearling Jacket

Latest leather shearling jackets style from design houses

Styles, trendy colors change, but the shearling jacket is “the must have” of every season and collection. What is the secret of such a constant fashion popularity of sheepskin jackets? Probably that stylish shearling leather jackets not only always look fashionable and relevant, but also that they are easily combined with other clothing. Sheepskin jackets are very practical and do not get wet, even if you are for a long time in the rain.

They are easy to care for, as are machine washable and retain their shape for a long time. Sheepskin is known as excellent thermo regulator, protecting its owner from excessive heat and at the same time from cooling.

This season very popular is light and at the same time sizable leather shearling jacket. This winter, designers are offering for the jackets straight silhouette with a length to the middle of the thigh and a large collar. You can wear these jackets not only with cargo pants in military style, but also with the classic pencil-narrow skirts and knitted sweater. In some collections appear forms resembling an elongated leather shearling pilot’s jacket and overcoat with collar made of sheepskin. The absolute hit of the season is an aviator leather jacket made ​​of shearling. The main distinguishing features of these jackets are high bulk collar and the length is such that barely reach the waist. The sheepskin s also used as the finishing for leather jackets.

Also the trend of the season is a shearling jacket with animal print. Such samples of jackets can be seen in the Dior Homme collection. The processing of the shearling such as laser cutting that gives it the shape of lace is one of the main trends of the year two thousand thirteen. Spectators and fashion critics who attended the fashion shows of  such brands as Ralph Lauren, Giles and Proenza Schouler, was struck by how this seemingly familiar material transformed into gorgeous lace. These models look great with jeans, track suits and leggings. If such leather jackets are of beautiful colors and decorated with embroidery, they are combined perfectly with layered skirts and elegant dresses. The image can be supplemented with high heels and a handbag with lots of bright decor. Traditional combination is the brown or black leather and white sheepskin. But there are also completely black leather jackets and jackets sewn only from light shearling. All of them are decorated with straps and belts.

It is quite real to find a leather shearling jacket at an affordable price. But a low price should alert you. Quality and cheap fashionable shearling can be only found in online stores during the sales. In such cases, the price is reduced to 25%. If there is a higher discount it means limited amount of sizes of a model, not trendy model or a fake. Price for fashionable leather shearling jacket in two thousand thirteen may vary from the significant price from top fashion houses, and to some couple of hundred dollars when you buy a jacket of the brand which is not so widely known. Judging by the reviews and photos of many fashion bloggers, the last variant of jackets may not be worse than the first, and thus for quite reasonable money you can buy not only quality, but also very fashionable leather shearling jacket.

There is no person who does not like comfortable and warm clothes. And if it is the shearling leather jacket, then when you once filled up your wardrobe with it, you will become an avid fan for many years.