Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Leather Style: 5 Different flying jacket styles

Jacket-pilot or flying jacketis a short jacket for men, suitable for wearing in spring, summer and fall. A model of such jackets became popular after World War II. Everyone wanted to dress up as heroes of the war. Now flying jackets are current and popular among both men and women. Famous designers and mass market brands offer different models of flying jackets for the season 2014-2015. Usually flying jackets are sewn in dark colors.

Typically, this jacket is made of natural (horse, goat, sheep, calf skin) or artificial leather. Lining of jacket is made of nylon and claps. Collar of such jacket is around the neck and is located near with the help of leather eraser. The jacket has many pockets on the sides, front and inside, where it is convenient to store the necessary documents, money, mobile phone and other small items. Flying jackets usually are sizable, so they are suitable for people of any figure. Also these jackets are multifunctional, they allow a lot of active and comfortable moves.

Jackets pilots are classified into three main types: bomber jacket-or A-2, jacket of American naval aviation US Navy and jacket of Army G-1 pilots. There are a lot of brands that now make identical jackets of army pilot style (US Wings, Eastman Leather Clothing, Aero Leather Clothing, US Authentic Manufacturing Co and many others). So if you are looking for vintage jacket pilot of classical model in 40-50's, you should pay attention to the models of these companies. However, modern fashion offers many choices of men's and women's flying jackets, with which you can create interesting and stylish look. We’ll consider the 5 basic designs of stylish leather flying jackets.

The first style is the winter flying jacket with special fur waistcoat and fur collar. This can be sheepskin flying jacket or any other leather. Sometimes fur is placed below of the jacket. Typically, these jackets can be found in black, beige and brown colors. Flying jacket has pockets, zipper-locks and rubber inserts below of the jacket and on the sleeves. This jacket is suitable for warmer weather. The second style is a leather jacket with a fur hood, textile inserts and elastic below of the jacket and on the sleeves. There are many pockets, zippers, different patches, buttons in such jackets. The third style is the most classic and presents leather flying jacket with fur collar and rubber inserts below of the jacket and on the sleeves. Jacket has plenty of pockets, patches, zipper-lock. Most preferred is the sheepskin flying jacket. The fourth style is just a leather pilot jacket without fur on the jacket, but with rubber inserts below of the jacket and on the sleeves. Sometimes this jacket has a leather collar, sometimes collarless, with a round neckline. However, this jacket also has many pockets, zip-locks, various stripes. Women's models have the option, when flying jacket can be attached through belt and cape. Five style is leather jacket without fur and rubber inserts on the jacket and on the sleeves. The belt can be added to this model. These jackets also have a lot of pockets, patches, lock-zipper or buttons. Actual colors of these jackets are beige, light pink, brown, black. In addition, pilot jackets can be made of both matte and gloss of skin.

Leather flying jacket is ideal for any time of the year for women and men. It can be light or warm and it always protects from the wind. They help to create a fashionable and stylish look - classic, sporty or smart-casual. Collections of pilot jackets are presented in various colors to help match them with another clothes of different colors. Black, brown and blue leather flying jackets suit to any stylish look.