Vintage Bomber Jacket

Vintage leather accessories latest fades and trends in celebrities

Vintage articles of clothes have always been considered to be signs of high fashion and good taste. This is especially true about leather garment and accessories. They are highly appreciated by celebrities who need to be original and unusual, unique and recognizable. This is why vintage and retro styled leather garments and accessories present an entire field for designers’ thought. Unique and unusual thing may have last century’s origin or be contemporary creations of well-known designers and fashion houses.

Star lovers of vintage leather things

Jennifer Aniston is known for her love to designers’ leather dresses and vintage accessories. Her vintage bomber jacket is one of the favorites in her wardrobe. This list can be continued with such names as Holly Berry, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham and a lot of other celebrities who are icons of high style. Of course, numerous fashionistas and style-conscious people want to follow their idols but they have no possibility to purchase expensive vintage and branded leather things. In this case cheaper copies of unknown brands can be a good alternative. Hunting for a good copy, don’t forget that it is not an obligatory condition for a thing to be expensive but it is obligatory for it not to look cheap. Sometimes little accessories shops offer very nice star-like lots.

Vintage models in latest collections

Leather materials which are on top in autumn-winter 2014 determined the direction of designers’ thought towards retro. A lot of vintage leather bags, bracelets, outerwear and footwear were presented at the latest prêt-a-porters in Italy and France.  Celebrities were the first to show their style-consciousness. Looking through the photos of star we can notice a wide leather bracelet of brown leather on Jonnie Depp’s wrist, Amanda Sayfried’s vintage biker jacket, Sarah Jessica Parker’s large city bag and a lot of other examples.

If you want to look trendy this autumn and show good taste you can purchase one of star-like leather accessories and a vintage bomber jacket which is considered to become a symbol of new season’s fashion philosophy. Vintage traits characterize both men’s and women’s autumn 2014 leather jackets: lapels and cuffs made of different leather texture, modest metal elements and zips, classic collars and round necklines, vintage prints and so on. So if you are a fashion gourmet you will have a nice opportunity to enrich your home collection of clothes with something new and extravagant.

Extraordinary look or eternal classics

Choosing some extraordinary set of vintage accessories or an unusual vintage bomber jacket, you need to take into account that these things are expressive enough to become main details of your image. This means that there is no need to overload the look with bright and expressive things-companions. Choose simple cut trousers, jeans or a dress, monochrome tops and shirts.

Vintage style jackets or accessories which can be turned eternal classics can be characterized as more versatile. At the same time, they will be poorly combined with informal style articles of clothes. Retro style things demand appropriate companions – modest, expensive looking things made of natural materials. But if you prefer classic style of clothes it will be no problem. Basic pieces such as little black dress, short denim skirt, classic black trousers and an original blouse or shirt will easily complete a retro style image.

As we see, vintage or vintage style accessories or outerwear pieces like vintage bomber can not be just parts of a star wardrobe but may belong to any customer. They may be successfully combined with other things and complete either business like or going out look perfectly well.