White Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket – the must have for aviators

Bomber is a flight jacket created for the pilots of United States Air Force, and eventually became part of popular culture.

Even if you have nothing in common with aviation, you must have seen a flight jacket on the Hollywood stars, in the cinema, in such famous films as "Top Gun", "Pearl Harbor, "Indiana Jones" and others.

The main features of a bomber are convenience and protection from strong wind, rain and fire.

The strongest material for a bomber jacket is leather. Natural leather does not burn. When leather is in flame it only gets charred, unlike the synthetic material, which burns instantly. Apart of that, leather is not afraid of rain and mud and can be cleaned very easily. Style of flight leather jacket was approved in nineteen seventeen. Its main difference is a high collar, strong and durable zipper, pockets on the sleeves, fitting cuffs and belt, trimmed with fur. The pockets of such jacket are not insulated – it is not proper for an aviator to keep the hands in the pockets, so there is no need in insulation. Modern bomber leather jackets are worn only by the pilots of militant subdivisions. It has a loose cut, is made of goat’s leather with fireproof impregnation, no stripes and coloring are allowed. Such bomber leather jacket can be only of one color – dark brown. And it is not possible to find bomber of bright colors, for example, white bomber jacket. In white bomber jacket though rare are now making an entry in to fashion market. But such model is usually considered not actual among modern aviators. Leather jackets replaced warm and light sample made of synthetic materials, which does not restrict movements.

Modern flight jacket consists of two layers of nylon plus polyester. These materials provide the optimum temperature of the body with minimum weight. Such jacket is recognizable by the bright orange lining. Bright and cheerful color of the lining has a sad motivation: when an accident happens pilot, according to the instruction, must wear a jacket inside out and a bright orange color will attract the attention of the rescuers. Warm bomber jackets are made ​​of sheep’s leather and are used for flights in the winter and at high altitude.

The most popular is the bomber jacket MA-1 that was designed in nineteen forty nine, with the invention of missile planes. MA-1 is designed in such way that it can be worn all year round: when it is unzipped the person feels cool enough and when zipped – the jacket retains heat. Most of these jackets outside are painted in dark blue or muddy green colors and lining has orange color. The front side of a jacket is sewed by nylon or fireproof material.

Bomber jacket is a necessary attribute of every aviator. It has a lot of benefits: bomber does not restrict movements and the cut of the model allows you to move hands in different directions or lift them up; the classic bomber is made of waterproof materials – leather, nylon and due to this such model protects against wind and rain; classic models have hidden pockets and convenient pockets on the sleeve. Of course, now the pilot profession has become more secure and comfortable, but it is hard to imagine a pilot without bomber jacket, as it is hard to imagine the plane without the sky.