Black Leather Belt

How important is a belt for your style statement

Looking at all the new styles in accessories that come up every minute, we can’t help but ask ourselves if the ones we have right now are still chic. Just like with the latest belts that are becoming a style statement. Gone are the days when all you need is just one reliable black leather belt. From blowy tops, to evening dress and even coats, the belts have truly come a long way from its usual function. Ladies love to dress up their wardrobe with a belt to complement their curves. Men wear belt for several reasons but a different belt for your denim jeans and slacks is just as important. Do you know what makes a belt so stylish? It probably starts with the wearer. You can have so many belts but if you lack flair to mix and match it with your wardrobe, things can go haywire.

Belts create an illusion

Belts come in different thickness and width as well as fabrics. Ladies have so many choices for stylish belts that go well with their dresses. A belt placed properly on your waist can surely flatter your shape to make you look slimmer. Wide belts placed slightly lower your chest can accentuate your asset and can even make you appear taller. If you have the height and body of a runway model, you can even place your belt below your hips to emphasise your svelte figure.

It complements your wardrobe

Leather belts look good with summer dresses and even with an oversized blouse. A white dress can look gorgeous with a brown belt of about two inches wide. You can break the monotonous colour of a brown dress by wearing a black leather belt with it. High-waist jeans look stylish with a three-inch belt in camel colour plus a bit of studs. You can make a style statement simply by the belts you wear.

It speaks volumes

Belts are splendid accessories if you know when and how to wear them. Making a style statement with belts is much easier with women than with men. The choices are rather narrow when it comes to men’s belts since they almost look the same. But since this season is a reinvention of style, a vintage looking leather belt can certainly catch every eye. Look for something that resembles the belt of your forefathers to get into the vintage dressing with a strong sense for genuineness. Men who are hooked into their motorcycles can complete the look with metal studded leather belts that come with buckles inspired by the design of motorbikes.

Just don’t overdo it

Formal and casual outfits require belt for style and comfort. There are so much leather accessories you can mix with your wardrobe but belts become a focal point since it stays right in the middle.It is also important to not overdo your accessories since it can ruin the glamour of your fashionable suits and clothes that easily if you adorn yourself with overstated pieces. In fact, a necklace can’t go well with a belt if the buckle doesn’t match with it.

To make a statement, know which colour, style, and texture of leather belts suit you.The added frills like the belts you wear influence smart dressing. Perhaps, if your style sticks to the timeless classic, a black leather belt alone can pass the different seasons.