Braided Leather Belt

The elegance of a leather belt, which belt to wear with what dress

It is fascinating how the dress you choose to wear determines the belt that you will have to wear to match. This it because people who know how to dress, do not dress just for the sake of it. They do it with style. Again, the belt you choose to wear determines the dress that goes with it. Next time you wish to go shopping for some outfits, or belts, take time to analyses your wardrobe to see the clothes or belts you got in there, they will guide you on the shopping you plan to do. Perfection is an important detail when it comes to dressing. The belt you wear with a certain dress is an important factor that determines the pattern of your the shoes or the dress fabric you choose.

The braided leather belt is a unique belt, but like any other leather belt, its elegance dictates the dress you wear with it. Wearing a belt with the right dress is a fashion the litmus test. It is a simple, but very important task that shows others you know your dresses very well. An intended mismatch or any other error will make your friends think that you need a how to dress good lesson. The good thing is that the basics of how to match the dress with the right belt are not that complicated. You only have to consider several basic. In fact, most of them are purely common sense and personal taste.

What you need to consider

When selecting the right dress for a certain belt, you need to consider some factors.

The color of the belt and the dress

The color of the belt will determine the type of dress you will wear. The color of both the belt and the dress and in most cases the shoes should complement each other to give you either a business or a casual like appearance. A blue dress will require a braided leather belt that is block or neutral in colors. A blown belt will do well with brown shoes. The most bottom line here it to make the color of your dress compliment the color of your belt.

The size of the belt

Some clothes will do better with a narrow belt while others require a wider belt. The design of the dress will show you the size of the belt that you need to wear. In this case you will only have to worry about the color and the mode of the dressing. The sizes of the belt loop tell you the size of the belt you need to buy. A dress with wider loops requires a wider belt while a dress with narrow loops needs a narrow belt.

Type of dressing

Here we discuss the material of the both the dress and the belt. We also consider the purpose of your dressing; casual or non-casual. Yu should choose the belt fabric that compliments that of the dress. Depending on the occasion, you may choose a fabric that either compliment or contrast the dressing. Casual dressing does not demand a lot as compared to official and business dressing.

In this way, you will not reduce the belt wearing to just a leather strap that you use to hold your dress on your body. It has its vital elegance and it should be worn correctly. Choose a braided leather belt that compliments your dressing in terms of color, size, and type of dressing.