Brown Leather Belt

Leather accessories - the image definingapparels to change your personality

Did you know that some accessories could make or break your entire look? No matter how insignificant these accents seem to you, it can define your image and your personality one way or another.

Since we know that leather accessories look stylish and classy for work and play, if you have the right brown leather belt to match your brown leather shoes, you can definitely make a good lasting impression. Mismatching your corporate look with a metal studded patent leather black belt can sometimesresult into a ‘fashion crime’. For every occasion, there are right pieces of accents to complement your wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look how simple accouterments define who you are and some of the leather accessories that should be in your closet.

The broad definitions of style

These days, there seems to be an influence of authority that goes with powerful dressing. Just like in the red carpet, the Hollywood stars are scrutinized from head to foot. Style critics often equate their good looks and genius acting with their fashion sense. For business executives, a ‘power suit’ can make or break a deal. But did you know that it’s different when it comes to the artists in music? This is because they are representing different personalities that play a significant role with the songs they make. They are an exception to the rule. They can wear a pair of sneakers with a nice evening dress and no one would even mind. In fact, they are even applauded for their eccentricity.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are a staple to any man’s attire. Whether you go to the office or ride your motorbike during weekends, a good pair of leather shoes is appropriate. When going to work, you may opt for a soft leather shoes that look formal. On your getaways, a sturdy leather riding boots would be suitable to match your leather motorcycle jacket.

Leather Wallet

Since you can’t leave your house without your ID, oodles of cash and credit cards, you will need a fine leather wallet. When you go out to the most fancy places, you wouldn’t want a torn and tattered looking wallet, do you?

Leather Bag

A leather handbag is now a woman’s new best friend. Ladies invest on these pricey gems not only for its functional use but also for its powerful charm. Carrying a stylish handbag can turn a boring white shirt and faded jeans into a glamorous get-up. What’s more, leather bags come in luscious colours and styles just like leather jackets. Your choice of bags or jackets can leave a trail to your inner thoughts. Certainly you won’t buy anything that doesn’t suit you well.

Leather suitcase

Office executives can carry their portfolios and documents with a sleek designed leather suitcase. Choose a color that matches your shoes or your belt. Most of these bags come with long straps that you can carry over your shoulder.

Leather Belts

Lastly, belts are a very functional part of your wardrobe. It not only accentuates your waistline, it also holds your trousers in place. Belts come in different width, prints, and styles but the leather belt is something you ought to have. There are different colours like black, tan or brown leather belt that goes well with your shoes and bags. What we know for sure is that you can’t go wrong with anything leather.