Leather Belts

What’s new this season for in leather belt: The top fashion changes this year

As a matter of fact, leather belts play an important role to put more emphasis on the personality of a men and women. Belts are commonly used with dress as well as jeans pants. Nowadays, the latest fashion trends have forced the boys and girls to buy the belts with 100 % leather. Leather belt is mostly given more attention because of the rock solid structure. These belts are durable as well as reliable that’s why these are more famous in the fashion industry. It is necessary to see what types of changes have been made in the belts this season. This topic helps the fashion designers and buyers to get a product which is more suitable for the modern dressing trends and styles.

Woven buckle with a fastening potential:

Normally, the buckles are made with the help of metals such as silver, steel and iron. Designers have tried to change the trends this season by introducing the woven buckle. It is not required to buy the conventional belts with iron or steel because woven buckle has got an extraordinary potential. This type of buckle is useful to protect the leather of belt. It doesn’t damages the leather, stitching as well as shining of the belt. This belt is available in pure black, brown and red colors. It is recommended to check the overlapping designing because it is another modern feature for the users. Woven buckle and overlapping leather designing are two main features recently launched by the fashion designers this season.

Blue printing belt:

This is an amazing edition for the people who love to use the leather belts with attractive designing. In most of the situations the belts are offered without designing and printing. The blue printing belt has been designed with simple blue lines and curves printed on the leather. The margins of belt have been colored with printing blue color. The stitching is white but it become more prominent when users check the black and blue combination with designing. The buckle is “E” shape which is an amazing feature for the users. This belt is a new addition in the fashion industry. Add this belt in your collection to enjoy its best visible features.

Velvet leather belt with prints:

The velvet leather belt is a classic option for the men. This belt has been made attractive because of the brown front and blue back. The front side is brown with amazing designs. This is why it is called a velvet leather belt with prints. These prints are considerable because these are visible from the lateral view. Buckle of this belt is completely new because it is a modern style. This style has never been used previously by the designers. This buckle provides the best grip with the help of a pin. This belt is available in 80 to 100 cm length with a width of 3 cm.     

Brown mesh without buckle:

It is hard to believe that leather belts are available without buckle. It is considered that buckle is an important item for the belts but designers have changed this concept this season. A new brown leather belt with mesh style has been launched recently. This is a long and thick belt suitable for the jeans. This belt is suitable for the men as well as women. Try this belt with cowboy dressing, gunman dressing and lone ranger dressing.