Half Chaps

How practical are leather half chaps and what new trends are in

To start off with, half chaps simply are leg pieces that are to be worn above paddock boots which measure till the knee up. They are the best and most preferred alternative over tall boots as half chaps are easier to fit. Mostly used by horse riders but also used as motorcycle gear by bikers, they are attractive and convenient choice for riders. They are available in materials like suede, leather, and washable synthetic material and also in combination. Leather chaps particularly are considered most protective for riding purposes. Many riders are told to use leather chaps half while schooling for riding as it prevents chaffing and rub and also helps maintain proper grip and firmness on saddle. They also provide more security to your lower leg and keep your jodhpurs away from wearing and tearing. Another practical use of the leather chaps is that they keep you warm and away from mud and dirt as well.

So, what good do leather chaps do for the motorcycle rider?

For die hard bikers and motorcycle fanatics and their safety motorcycle chaps are prescribed pieces. Motorcycle chaps are mostly leather made to protect the rider from catching scrape wounds if and when in any road emergencies.

Wearing leather chaps also ensures better survival chances in case the rider falls down the bike.

One another reason why leather chaps are practical for motorcycle riders is that these will protect riders better and eliminate the need of having to use a full leather pants. You can get these chaps in colours ranging from black brown to denim. If you need more here are 5 reasons that prove just how practical leather chaps are:

1. Offers easy body movement: Full leather pants or tall boots restrict your body movement while leather chaps gives you that freedom to move your body while riding.

2. Proper protection: Leather chaps ensure better safety than leather full pants

3. Weather friendly: motorcycle chaps come in various materials making them comfortable in any weather.

4. Long lasting: You can use your one good pair of chaps for years and years to come and they will still look new.

5. Comfortable and light: Tall boots can be heavy and leather pants can be sticky and stiff but chaps will make you feel easy and light while riding.

What are the new trends in half chaps?

They now widely used by motorcycle riders come in various colours, design, pattern and styling. You can get one for men, women or kid. Worn over padlock boots they protect your jodhpurs very well and also the part of the leg they cover. Various new trends are:

1. Leather chaps:  these are most durable and expensive among others. But synthetic leather chaps can also be found which are comparatively cheaper. These are very protective in various weather conditions and road mishaps.

2. Washable chaps: you can get washable chaps in denim or other fabric and they come in variety of colours as well. Women chaps usually come in bright colours as well. These washable chaps are not as protective and durable but for one who is going to use it for a short while or loves to change style once in a while these are the best options.