Leather Chaps

Leather chaps: popular apparel from cowboy to bikers

Chaps basically are protective layer of coverings worn on leg over pants and trousers and they consist of belt and leggings. They are worn over trousers or pants but they don’t have seat and the crotch is not joined. As chaps are made and worn for protection of leg, they were originally and are usually made of leather.

The origin of chaps is credited to have boosted with the cowboy culture in west America. Cowboys did jobs that needed physical labour so to protect their legs from abrasion while work or horseback riding, they used chaps. Now, with modernization chaps are used by professional cowboys for shows and events and by horseback riders in real life and during competitions but mostly they are used by hardcore bikers these days.

Chaps can be found in denim, polyester, faux leather and more these days but no matter what there is nothing as solid and preferred like leather chaps.  To both bikers and cowboys or riders, the main reason to use chaps is to provide protection to legs.

Though the age of original cowboys who were called so in regard of the work they did has gone past, there are shows and professional cowboys who are saving the culture.  Also chaps are major part of horseback riders and there are quite some competitions and learners who are keeping the chaps culture going. For horseback riders there is almost no other better option than leather material chaps as they are the most protective. During schooling for riding or in events, accidents are bound to happen and nothing more protects a rider legs than chaps made from leather. Leather is a solid material, gets better by time and does not go bad with weather. Leather chaps also protect the trousers or pant worn underneath it from abrasion and ruins due to falling off during a ride.

Chaps come in not only various materials but also in different styles. Shotgun apparently is the most popular style, be it in equestrian or non equestrian uses.  Shotgun is used by western riders and these types of chaps are slim cut and straight with fringes or not. Other kinds are Batwing, chinks, Armitas, woollies etc.  The other major users of chaps are bikers. Motorcycle chaps are shotgun style and leather made most of the time. Die hard bikers love to sport a biker look and be safe in long drives with chaps on.  Now, chaps are such popular apparel and safety gear among both bikers and cowboy professionals that they are mostly taken in consideration to get the complete look only but look is the last thing that matters, the first should always be protection. So, how to choose the perfect leather chaps? Here’s how:

1. Good leather weighs, so go for 3 oz to 4 oz leather for motorcycle chaps and 5 oz for cowboy chaps.

2. See the craftsmanship that is to say from stitching to fit.

3. The next thing to look for is the hardware: buckles, zipper, grommets and rivets

4. Chaps with removable insulation so it works both for icy winters and summer heat.

Be a true biker when you are being one and a true cowboy if that’s what you are. Being true to your passion needs certain things like chaps here. Get the right ones and adventure in your life choices.