Mens Chaps

Leather chaps: what’s new and fresh this season?

Leather motorcycle chaps are pieces to be worn over leg designed keeping in mind the specific security needs of a motorcycle rider. Leather chaps these days are becoming a part of even police uniforms minding their safety while riding a motorcycle.  Apart from security these chaps also provide comfort and style.

Talking about style, leather chaps do come in various designs and style but before hitting that ground let us first consider the advantages and the ways of maintenance of this motorcycle apparel.

Benefits of using leather chaps

1. Leather being a thick and hard material , chaps made from leather are likely to save rider from abrasions, bruises, cuts and other injuries in case of any road accidents.

2. The next benefit of the leather is its flexibility which helps the riders to move freely while riding a motorcycle. This also makes the ride joyous and comfortable.

3. While motorcycle pants are confined and stiff in a rider’s body, leather chaps have holes at the front and back with other pores and this speciality gives ventilation during hot summer and humid days.

4. Leather chaps are perfect for protecting your legs from the hot engine which your legs are so near to all the while you are riding a motorcycle. Also leather chaps protect your garment underneath the chap from wearing and tearing being exposed to the motorcycle parts.

5. Leather is very durable and does not ruin from sun so you can wear your leather chaps all around the year.

How to take care of leather chaps?

Leather chaps will last for as long as you can remember if you only know how to take good care of them.  Here   is how:

1. Put your chaps in machine with water and gentle laundry soap (half cup) and operate the machine just for two minutes only.

2. Next step is to take out the chaps and remove stains using stain removers available for these kinds of fabric. After spreading the stain remover over the outer side of the chaps using a brush put it back in the machine.

3. You can put it for dry now or use fabric softener before drying.

The latest trends in Leather chaps:

Mens chaps were originally for cowboys for protection while working in farm and riding on a saddle, today the tradition of wearing chaps is kept alive mostly by the motorcycle riders by using full or half chaps while riding. Not only mens chaps but kid’s and female’s chaps are also used. The most significant in leather chaps for men are:

1. The ‘for all sex’ and classic yet modern shotgun chaps: These chaps never go out of fashion and till today are the most commonly used chaps. Although you can find many variations in these chaps they are still comfortable and convenient. You can get them with pockets, deep pockets, zip pockets, adjustable belts, snap cuffs, fringes and laces and in various colours. Batwings are also among the popular and most used chaps.

The one last thing about leather chaps or say a fact is that, they are expensive comparatively but they are very profitable in long run. Denim, suede or synthetic fabric chaps are available but nothing looks and work like leather chaps.