Western Chaps

The western chaps - why a must have of any wardrobe for cowboy?

Western riding made popular by movies and cowboys is simply a style in riding horses where cowboys race across the west. Western riding is recognized not only its style but also for the specific detailing in the attire of riders. In a western riding race you will be judged based on your looks as well.  Chaps are one of the important pieces in western riding attire. They cover from waist below and set the space for style and tone for remaining attire to complement your look. For a proper cowboy look, you need to have a complimenting and flattering pair of chaps. Chaps are most likely the expensive ones in your whole cowboy look but as they are very durable, alike saddle in the right show you chaps are not expenditure but rather investments.

Chaps used in western riding obviously are called western chaps. Being originated from protective covering cowboys used in far west doing ranching works, western chap is important  in the modern days’ western riding shows and competitions though not usually compulsory. Now, when we are talking of western chap, there might be questions like: which chaps is the true western chap? Well the answer is, if you are looking for western chap for shows and events that also rank as per your dressing up then you are looking for a flawless fit shotgun chap. Chaps are supposed to make the rider appear slim and make him/her feel light and help ride in confidence and all this is possible only if your chaps fit your perfectly.

Apart from shows and events, western chaps are equally important if you are schooling to ride and love to have a perfect cowboy wardrobe. A perfect cowboy wardrobe is non- existent without western chap. Here are some of the reasons which prove why western chaps are must have for a complete cowboy wardrobe:

1. Western Chap like shotgun chap is the definitive cowboy styling attire

2. The only way to ride proper western style is using the proper western chap

3. Western chap gives you the real cowboy look

4. Western chap is an investment and possession rather than a belonging

5. Western chap lasts better and longer

Being or try being a cowboy is not as easy. When you see a cowboy then it might look simple: pair of boots, chaps, hats and shirt, ‘ah! I can pull that off’ might be what you think then but it is not as simple as it looks the cowboy look as layer of attire to be adorned. Also, the different cowboy looks define the difference in their work manners and types. So understanding the real rationale behind the attire might help you sport the cowboy look better. But no matter the kind of work chaps are consistent in the attire.

Western chap used by cowboys for horseback riding to fence mending are must in the wardrobe of anyone trying to look like a professional cowboy or the real ones themselves.  Traditionally chaps came in woollies or leather but now there are more options. But still however leather chaps are considered the best; even though they are a bit expensive they are worth it as they will last almost forever.