Womens Chaps

The new trends of this season in women chaps

When it comes to things like horses or motorcycles women are prejudiced to be amateurs and not fit. But women have been proving this notion wrong and for centuries have been great riders be it on saddle or bikes.  With increase women presence in riding, the riding apparels also got modified for their convenience and comfort. Unlike men’s chaps women’s chaps can be found in variety of colours very easily.

However, the reason to use the chap is similar as to of males and for the same purpose as them.  When defining style of chaps for women the one thing everyone wants to know if there are any differences between men’s chaps and women chaps. So are there any differences really? Check out

Men’s chaps VS women’s chaps

Well they are same, but sometimes they are sold as per gender based on styling not on kind. For eg if it is a shotgun chap it is going to be same for women as well but it may vary in colour  and length / size which is same from men to men as well. The purpose of the chaps is also same for both the gender, be it for horseback riding or motorcycle riding. The main purpose of chaps is to protect the riders’ legs and garment i.e. pants worn underneath the chaps when they are either on a saddle or a motorcycle. With materials the standard of protection and fit varies but is same for both women and men. Leather chaps are the most protective while chaps for other materials are there to mainly serve the aesthetic purpose only.

New trends in women’s chaps

Women chaps usually don’t have fringes and though chaps usually had laces, nowadays they come with zipper making it easier to put on and take off.

1. Shotgun chaps: These for women or men are from top to bottom keeping the crotch and buttock area exposed out of chaps. These chaps give the rider’s body a compact and sleek look with maximum security. A belt could be worn to fasten these chaps properly. Although black leather is dominant you can now get these in other colours and fabric. Batwing chaps or cowboy chinks are used by women as well. These chaps are for western style riding when it comes to horses but for motorbikes there is no hard and fast rule.

2. Half chaps: These are also very trendy either for rodeo riders or motorcycle riders. Women’s half chaps come in varieties of colours and designs. These are portable and easy as they are worn over padlock boots. They come in leather and other fabrics but leather is preferred most. These chaps go up to knee length and come with zipper or laces. If you are trying to go more cowboys then go for one with fringes (double fringes maybe). Half chaps provide protection in the part of your leg which is most exposed to the possibility of wear and tear from friction with your motorcycle parts while riding. When concerned with horses these chaps are best in English riding. Half chaps make riding easy as you are carrying less of weight and movement is much easier in tall boots, leather pants or full chaps.