Leather Clothing

Leather Clothing- Robust, stylish and Manly- what new this season

Leather has been extensively used by designers to introduce new styles of clothing and accessories. The leather garments are, however, more popular as compared to the leather accessories.

The clothing made from leather is also diversified; there are leather jackets, coats, pants, skirts and even hats made from different types of leather. There are separate varieties for men and women in order to cater to the individual needs of the customers. As for example, the color assortment for women is much difficult as there is dyed leather clothing in almost every color for women as they are fond of a colorful wardrobe, while men’s variety mostly revolves around the shades of black, blue, grey and brown.

Talking about the men’s clothing made of leather, the leather jackets and coats come in various sizes and styles so as to offer the maximum variety to the customers. The double breasted leather jackets look masculine and manly. The parallel columns of buttons on the front offer the adjustability and protection against cold weather. The double breasted jackets mostly have buttoned cuffs to keep the consistency. The zipped fronts are a bit out of fashion this season and zip is replaced by the buttons. The front pockets are usually placed on the lower end at the convenient level.

The lengths of the leather jackets also vary. However, the hottest style of this winter is the full length with pleats on the back. This is to impart a classy look to the product as the side seam of the jacket fits to the body of the user. In addition, the full length leather clothing comes with and without the waist belt. The waists belt enhances the outlook and exudes style and glamour. In some designs, the belts are given an artistic touch by adding embellishments like studs and buttons just to beautify the complete outfit.

The collar style of the leather jackets for men is designed so as to ensure that the overall personality of the user is enhanced. The hot favorite style of this season in the men’s leather clothing is the extended banned collar which is snapped up till ears so as to ensure maximum protection against cold. There are either buttons or buckles and in some designs both of them. The dual features of the collar makes it best suited for the casual wear in the extremely cold weather. The buttons are placed at such distance so that the collar can be adjusted according to the requirement.

The leather clothing depending upon the type of leather used widely varies. The most commonly used leather to make the leather jackets for men is the suede and the sheepskin. The sheepskin is naturally warm and soft and makes the best choice for all those out there who want to enjoy the winter season without catching cold. In addition, the textures and prints of the leather jackets also offer a great variety to the customers. The crocodile and snake prints are the most popular around the globe. In some countries, even the jackets are made from the skin of the real snakes so as to offer the top class quality to the customers. Not just this, you may express your love and respect for your favorite celebrity by wearing a jacket painted with the celebrity’s poster.