Leather Blazer For Women

What to wear with your leather blazer

Leather blazer is known to be one of the most universal, comfortable and stylish things which can become the basic part of any image.  Having such a thing on you can become either ‘Office Queen’ or ‘Star of the Party’.

Leather blazers of autumn 2014 – spring 2015 collections were created especially for smart casual lovers – expensive-looking, made of soft high quality leather, slim cut and beautifully decorated, they offer the potential customers numerous models, colors and texture combinations.

The wide variety of models and colors gives every woman an opportunity to choose the most matching variant for herself. To create stylish and unique looks easily it is necessary to know what things will combine well with a leather blazer for women.

Combinations of women’s leather blazer with other popular pieces of clothes

  1. A leather blazer and a dress

    Almost all kinds of dresses can be successfully combined with a leather blazer. Silky cocktail dress and a short slim cut blazer make a perfect going out look. Jersey and knitted variants combined with this piece of clothes are especially good for everyday wear and modest monochrome office style dresses can create formal business like looks.

    Be careful when trying to combine a cocktail maxi dress with a leather blazer. In this case a blazer may look too heavy and overload the entire look. A mini dress, the length of which is shorter than blazer’s, may look vulgar.

  2. A blazer and a skirt

    Short leather blazer for women can be par of a romantic image if combined with a maxi skirt and a lacy or silky top. Stylish mid length casual skirt with a leather blazer will make a look of city fashionista. Short denim or leather skirt completed with a blazer will make an extremely sexy look which would be perfect for going to a café or to the disco.

    Don’t wear your leather blazer for women with balloon-like skirt. The combination of two volumetric thing will make your silhouette shapeless and baggy.

  3. Leather blazer and jeans

    Combination of skinny jeans with a leather blazer for women is one of classical ones.

    It may be used both for everyday wear and for going out. A lot depends on a top which is used to complete the image.

    The more holiday-looking and bright is the top, the more informal look you will have. If jeans are decorated with rhinestones or embroidery, it will be better to use simple monochrome top.

    If your blazer is bright colored and you are going to wear it with jeans, white cotton or jersey top will be the best choice.

  4. Slim fit trousers and leather blazer

    Slim fit classic style trousers combined with a simple straight cut blouse or a mens styled shirt and completed with a blazer for women, will make a trendy everyday look or a stylish set for office. This outlook will easily turn into a going out variant if we change a classic style blouse for a designers’ silky top and a stylish sweatshirt or a T-shirt will give make your image more informal and appropriate for going to the shops or to the park with kids or friends.

Before making a final choice think over how successfully the most popular things of your wardrobe will combine with your future purchase. If you don’t have any dress code to follow in your everyday life you can allow bright intensive colors which are so fashionable in new season – blue, coral, emerald and so on. If you prefer classic style and calm tints you can make your choice in favor of beige, warm brown, natural red or milky colored leather.