Leather Blazer

Blazer trends and fades - the must have for enthusiast

A basic element of a wardrobe and a central part of any image

Blazers were created at the beginning of the XIX th century as a uniform for the members of Cambridge women’s club. Then a blazer became a piece of clothes for playing cricket and tennis. Now it represents something between a long jacket and a short coat with different colored or made of shiny fabric lappets and cuffs.

Today blazers can be used for creating office style looks, everyday casual and sporty images. These pieces of clothes are especially loved by active and enthusiastic persons because they don’t restrict movements and are easily combined with a lot of other basic pieces of any wardrobe.  Straight cut leather blazer or a boyfriend style blazer of extremely free silhouette can become a central and most expressive part of a fashionable and stylish image.

New blazer trends for any figure

The wide variety of models presented in new autumn-spring collections can satisfy the most demanding customers and fit any type of figure perfectly. Fashionistas just have to follow a few simple rules: free silhouetted models are not supposed to be combined with too wide slacks or galligaskins and too short skirts, dresses or shorts. With the exception of these pieces, almost any other things can become a nice match.

Short length blazers are best choice for women who have sporty figures with broad shoulders and thin hips. In this case it is better to choose pieces made of thick fabric which is so trendy in a new season. Straight cut short blazers are well combined with boyfriend jeans, romantic bell-bottomed skirts, and thin straight cut trousers.

Women with stout figures can choose long length blazers that will make them look slim. Such models are best to wear with simple monochrome tops, skinnies or casual stile trousers. Young persons with small sizes are free to choose anything they like either bright colored short models or classic style long length blazers.

As to materials which are used in new autumn collections, they are mostly natural, rich and thick.

So, buying a cotton, tweed or leather blazer you may be sure that it will look noble and rich and your new image will definitely catch delighted glances.

Top fashionable colors and prints

New blazer fashion brings rich and intensive colors. Indigo and emerald green, red and coral, orange, yellow and salmon will be the most demanded for in new cool season. Taking into account, that leather will be one of the most popular materials, we strongly recommend its lovers to move away from traditional black-brown-white colors and purchase a leather blazer made in one of the trendiest shades. If you are looking for something more calm and serious looking you can choose a

beige or ‘coffee-with-milk’ colored blazer which will look great in office as well as in the park where you can go with friends.

People who love traditional things but want to look trendy will be glad to find red and black check among the most popular prints. This traditional pattern looks aristocratic, bright and very much appropriate to a cool season. Besides, it is very universal so a checked blazer may become one of the most multifunctional pieces in your wardrobe.

As to prints, the leading role will be played by flower ornaments on black or white background. Combined with monochrome top and black skinnies printed blazers will be perfect both for everyday wear and matching bright colored trousers will wonderfully complete a going out look. If you are brave enough to collect amazed looks you may find in shop galleries a lot of unusual geometric prints, irregular lines and eclectic fabric designs.