Leather Car Coat

The leather coat trends - what's making news

New autumn-winter season 2014 has brought some new tendencies of outwear fashion. Every person whose desire is being trendy and attractive during the new season has to examine all the news of autumn-winter fashion and choose the most suitable variant among the great many that modern designers offer her or him. 

For example, there is some good news for fashionists that are fond of leather: leather coats and jackets as are going to be top fashion of the coming season. The trendiest things of this autumn and following winter will be leather car coat and different models of mid length coats.  In spite of containing the eternal pieces of leather outwear new collections will have a lot of peculiarities which will differ them from old seasons’ ones.

Eternal leather textures used for creating the new collections

All kinds of textures will be used during autumn-winter  for creating top fashionable models of leather outwear: patent leather and shearling, smooth leather and ‘kid-skin’. Such a variety of leather materials will provide a great choice of models that will be able to meet the tastes of any customer.

Most interesting and catching things such as leather car coat or a short slim fit jacket will be made out of quilted leather. This unusual kind of leather refinement is going to become all the rage during the coming season.

New and most catching models of leather outwear 2014-2015

Speaking about most fashionable models, we need to admit that short models are becoming more and more popular. It can be easily explained as short coats and jackets are far more practical than long ones. They are very comfortable for office workers who use public kinds of transport every morning as well as for drivers who arrive to work in cars of their own.

If we describe the modern cuts in two-three words we would say them to be short, straight and slim-cut. No more baggy models, long and broad belts, bell-bottomed silhouettes or anything like that. New season’s coats will bring an ultimate comfort and highlight the peculiarities of the owner’s figure most advantageously.

Buying a short leather jacket or a bomber, leather car coat or a short shearling coat you will enrich your wardrobe with one of the new cold season’s must haves.

Colors and decorative elements

When choosing one of the lots offered by some leather boutique or an online shop of leather outwear take into account what decorative elements and leather colors were used in a model. This little piece of advice will help you to avoid getting one of the old collections’ lots or their ‘clones’.

For example, autumn-winter collections will boast different fur decorative elements and fur collars. Both modest and aggressive metal elements (clasps, clinchers, spines an so on) will remain trendy. We can say the same about rhinestones and embroidery.

Speaking about leather tints of cold seasons’ collections we can’t but admit that they will be lighter and warmer comparatively with the previous ones. Of course, aristocratic black-and-whites which are eternal classics will always be asked for but in new collections the designers will make the accent on beige, ‘coffee with milk’ and all kinds of brown color.

So, having been informed about the latest news of fashion, we can come to a conclusion, that a wide variety of models, colors and elements of decoration will be able to satisfy any taste. Great offer produced by hundreds of shop can provide a customer with an extremely wide range of leather outwear pieces such as glamorous slim fit jackets for young ladies, ‘biker’s girlfriend’s’ styled jackets and bombers, classic or casual styled coats for men and women.