Leather Coats For Men

How to be stylish a leather coat - The changing styles

Every man wants to be attractive and all men like comfort. This is the reason why leather coats for men are so popular this season. By the way, we can say with sureness that next season they will also be very popular, so, if you want to take something universal, it will be the best choice for you.

Usually designers didn’t combine styles, but this year you can be sure that if you take a coat, it will match well with business suit, with jeans, with military or casual style. As for shoes, there is also not limit this year, so, if you think that coat won’t match you, it’s wrong.

The most popular are leather coats for men a little bit longer than knee. Such model is long and warm enough to save you and it doesn’t limit your movements. Designers use sometimes hidden buttons instead of big ones for decoration and such model looks very elegant. Designers also propose mini-coats, but such variant will be good only for men who don’t spend too much time on open air. If you spend more time outside, you should think about saving yourself from cold, so, classic variant of leather coats for men will match you better.

As for cut, now designers prefer to underline men shoulders and that’s why they make accent on this line. Mostly they propose variant of a coat with large belt, it will be good decoration and it will show contrast between shoulders and waist.  Also they create models with patch pockets

What is the most popular this season is combination of leather and fur. It will be very good decision for cold winter and it looks very rich. Before designers used fur mostly for decoration of collar, now you can see fur on sleeves and along all coat. Such coat is recommended to wear unbuttoned. But in any case, designers use fur in almost all winter variants, because the main task was to create warm and comfortable cloth. In any case, it will be difficult to change classic variant too much, difference can be only in details, so, it will be very good choice, because such leather coat will stay in fashion for years.

This year models of zip are getting more and more popularity because of their simplicity and comfort. Really, in cold times it’s easier to use zip, at least, you will close it quicker. Now zip plays role of decoration and designers use it even for pockets. This year you can meet a lot of coats in gangster’s style. You will look very impressive in it, especially it’s good variant for men who prefer large coats.

As for colors, the most popular are black and other dark variants. There are a lot of light coats, beige, light brown and color of sand.  If you like more military style, in this case, designers propose cherry, dark-green and blue variants. There are some really extravagant models, a man will look really impressive in bright red coat, but such variant is better for creative men, people who got used to impress and win. Of course, business men will find what they like in calmer gamma. If you want to choose unusual coat, but red of emerald colors are too bright for you, you can choose a coat with trend combination of different types of leather, texture and glance one. You will look very elegant and stylish in it. In any case, this year propose a big variety of coats, you will easily find the one for you!