Leather Coats For Women

Extravagant coats- what’s ladies wearing what this Winter.

It’s necessary to know that this season a beautiful coat it’s “must-have” have every lady. It’s clear that every woman will look very stylish in a coat.

But it’s not too easy to make the best choice, because of enormous number of such coats in collections of famous designers.

So, let’s talk about fashion tendencies on this winter.

Coast can be performed in different materials, cut and colors. One of the most popular materials of this season is leather. Every coat from leather looks good, because this material even doesn’t need too much decorations or prints to make effect of elegance and style. If you want to show your good taste, leather coats for women will be very good choice.

In general in collections of this year we see tendency to classic and fashion of 30-s and 60-s years. Coats are made in straight style with minimalistic decorations that give rich effect to your garments. Straight line of shoulders in combination with large belt make a silhouette thin and such coat will look really harmonious for every event. If you are going to work, to park, to meeting with family or friends, to exposition, you can be sure in your leather coat. Usually designers propose models in calm color gamma, but with adding contrast details. In this case you will look bright, but your coat will match absolutely to all clothes in your wardrobe. By the way, if you are active lady and you prefer sport style, maybe before you thought that coat is not for you. This season you can open borders between styles and you can play and mix them. Even long leather coat with fur will look good with jeans in sport style and army shoes. Maybe it sounds strange, but we saw exactly this picture on podiums this year.

If you prefer classic style, you are free to choose any coat and any color. But if you prefer extravagant models, this year is also for you! If you like to attract sights, you can choose an original straight coat made in cold bright color gamma. One of trends of this season is bright blue, aquamarine, lilac or violet coat. It’s decorated with big black buttons or black contrast fur. It looks really luxury!

If you prefer different prints and you want to have extravagant leather coat, you can choose the variant from texture leather with animal print, this year such motives come back to fashion. But what is the most unusual no-how of this year it’s leather coats without sleeves. You can wear it with long gloves from leather or other materials to warm up your hands, but they must be contrast. So, if you take universal black coat and think that it’s too usual for you, you can add extravagant notes with long yellow, red or blue gloves.

Leather coats for women are decorated this year with big belts, large sleeves (or absence of them), contrast buttons and geometric prints. You will also find a lot of short leather coats for women with combination of glance and texture leather, with combination of colors in one coat and of course, with fur. Leather coats for women with fur are on the top of fashion this winter, because they look really wonderful and they make every woman look like queen. If you want to look elegant and original you can choose coat with contrast between leather of coat and fur. Imagine cherry or red leather coat with black fox fur…  It’s sure that if you want to look amazing, such choice is for you!