Leather Coats

Fashion tips to look stylish with Leather coat.

Every woman wants to look beautiful, charming and attract men. Of course, such desire to look good doesn’t know seasons and it’s necessary to find the best way to impress people in autumn and winter time. Of course, one of the most popular clothes for autumn and winter is a coat. This year designers gave a lot of attention to creature of coats that will satisfy even the most demanding woman.

If you want to look stylish, you need pay a lot of attention to material of your coat. Leather will match you the best because it’s very practical material that underline advantages and hide disadvantages of your body and looks good all the time. You won’t need to worry about cleaning it, because it’s very easy.

Of course, mostly designers made collections of leather coats in dark colors, but if you prefer to impress and win hearts from one sight, you need something more extraordinary. What can impress more that beautiful woman in white leather coat decorate with fur? Your image will be impossible to forget and you can be sure that all men will be at your feet.

This year coats in English style are very popular. They will look wonderful on business lady. Laconic lines, big buttons, minimum of decorations and details and this coat will look elegant every year. So, if you are looking for coat that will look stylish more than one season, such variant is for you. In collections of this year designers come back to style of 40-s and 60-s, joining it with modern combination of different materials and futuristic elements. So, if you prefer good classic, but with new notes, you will find really big choice of leather coats.

One of the most surprising trend of this season is combination of leather with fur in a coat. If before fur was traditionally used for collar, this year designers play with it and use it for decoration of all coat. Imagine a coat made half from fur and half from leather… It’s sure that you will look very unusual in such coat.

Usually women wear coats with classic clothes and shoes. So,  can we say that women who like sport style can forget about coats? Of course, no! This season is characteristic by using of the most unusual details and combination of different styles in one image. If you like comfort and it’s the most important for you, in this case, you can take conservative coat with men’s cut. Such coat looks like made for men, but it underlines femininity of woman’s body and, what is very good, you can wear it with all styles of clothes and it will look good with classic shoes on high heels and with army boats. At least, you can be sure that such combination is real trend of this year.

As for colors, designers listened to women recommendation and made their collections mostly in practice colors” black, brown, grey, green, violet. But of course, as usually, there are models created for bright and extravagant women who want to be in the center of attention. It won’t be easy to forget a woman in red coat with black fur or in coat combining black and white colors in geometric pattern. There also models made in very tender and romantic gamma: rose, beige, creamy colors. In such coat every woman will look very feminine and romantic; she will look like a princess from fairy-tale waiting for her prince.

So, now it’s your turn to choose, what you will be this winter, wild and strong, tender and romantic, free and creative… In any your decision leather coat will help you!