Leather Trench Coat Men

New Trends in leather coats- color, patterns and texture

In collections of this season you will see enormous number of clothes from leather. Of course, this material is one of the most self-sufficient and it gives elegance and high class to every cloth. But of course, every autumn and winter people want to be saved from cold, wind, rains and snow, so, the most important is if your cloth performs this function.

One of the best variant for men this season will be leather coats, they are comfortable, stylish, luxury, and, what is the most important they are very warm. Designers propose classic rectangular variant and it will look especially beautiful on high men.

This season you should pay attention that leather trench coat men must be not too long, usually designers prefer to make it till knee.

There are also some short variants that will be very comfortable for active and sport men who prefer active life-style. In such coat you will feel warm and comfortable and it won’t limit your movements. You can use such variant with different clothes and you can combine any style without doubts, it’s a trend of this season. So, a coat is created not only for men, who prefer business suits, it will match very well to men who prefer casual or military style. Even in jeans and sport shoes you will look good in combination with leather trench coat men.

If you don’t know what variant to choose and which one will match you the best, we have some recommendations. Usually long trench coat looks better on high men, as for men with middle high, they will look much better in shorter variant. Double-breasted trench coat is popular for all types of body and for all ages, but speaking about fashion for young men, designers propose asymmetric variants, they give more freedom and less formality to your image.

Very popular is military variant, made in the best traditions of English air forces. Yes, don’t surprise, but this year designers took a lot from military form of air forces and in such coat every man will look very brave, real hero, a dream of woman. Feel yourself mature, strong man, it’s so easy now! Such coat has middle length, large lapels and straight belt. It looks very good on every type of body and you will really impress people around you.

Speaking about colors, this year almost all designers stopped on dark color gamma and they propose very practice variants. Usually leather trench coat men is made in classic black, grey, brown, dark-green and dark-blue colors. They look very noble and luxury and give charm to their owner. What s very good, a coat of such colors will look good with all clothes that you already have in your wardrobe and they will match to any occasion that you will decide to go. But of course, there are also variants for brave men who prefer do not hide their creativity and who like to attract sights. If you like to be in the center of attention, you can choose emerald, coral, cherry or purple coat. They look very manfully thanks to straight lines of shoulders, big sleeves, contrast between line of shoulders and line of waist, but with all that it shows your personality and tell to everybody that you don’t like to stay in shadow and you are creative and original person. In such coat you can be sure in attention of people and especially of women who know a lot about fashion.

As for texture, this year designers use all types of leather, making preference to natural material. You can also see coats from textured leather made like from piton or crocodile. Now it’s your turn to choose!