Leather Trench Coat

The most popular leather coat trends popular this season

This season gives us a lot of surprises in the world of fashion industry. Some tendencies are saved, like popularity of clothes from leather, but of course designers surprise a lot with their creative and unusual models.

Of course, it’s impossible to imagine collection of any designer without leather jackets and coats, they came to daily life of all the people and thanks to their advantages, they will stay on the top of fashion many seasons. Leather coats are warm, practice, beautiful and elegant. Such coat looks wonderful on every person and they look very good on person of every age or sex. But what make it the best choice this season?

Clothes from leather are always in fashion, but this season one of the most popular trends is leather trench coat.  Belted, double-breasted raincoat in military style get new features and it looks more and more elegant and feminine. Designers play with using buttons of different size, different length and, of course, colors. The most popular is the leather trench coat from natural material. It always looks wonderful and every woman will find in it comfortable, warm and stylish cloth. This season it’s very popular to come back to good old classic style and in a leather coat in style of 30-s you will look unforgettable.  It looks like military coats of pilots of that time, but of course, designers used a lot of modern notes and gave these coats soft feminine lines.

Mostly coast are presented in dark colors, especially popular is model of dark-blue color with bright silver details. They help to underline rich color and beauty of a woman wearing it. As for decorations, designers used classic in everything, but they add big pockets and large lapels as decoration. Usually for double-breasted leather trench coat they made length till knees and maxi variant is not so popular this season as last year. Of course, women who like maxi variant of coat can find it in some collections, but general tendency is closer to length till knees. In any case, designers make us come back to old styles and times when women were feminine and men were noble. If you want to look like real lady from English magazine, you can be sure that in long leather coat you will make such effect.

Talking about playing with time, it’s impossible to say that designers just use old style and added some details. No, leather trench coat has new life in this season and it’s getter enormous popularity. It’s easy to understand it, every woman will want to look so elegant, be so feminine, modern and have comfort all day. Such coat will save you from cold and even under rain it will look harmonious, so, if you like romantic walks under rain without umbrella, you can be such that you will look like fairy coming to our Earth from tale. You will be able to force this romantic image with big scarf and with choice of tender color for your coat, beige, rose or color of sand. It wouldn’t be practice, but with leather material you can be sure that it will be very easy to clean it even after the craziest adventures.

If you still have doubts or you prefer other materials, you can take universal and very popular variant, a long coat with applications from other materials. This year it’s the most popular trend and you will create image that it will be impossible to forget. Such coat will be your best companion not only for this season, but for next one too.