Long Leather Coat

Leather garment trends in Europe in this fall- winter collection

Leather garment look always good on every woman. Leather gives possibility to feel comfort and save from colds. As we can never know what season prepares, it’s necessary to think what will be the best clothe for this autumn and winter. But every woman wants to be charming and look good even in storm. Designers will help you to choose a variant that will be the most harmonious with your life style, character and type of appearance.

Designers propose different variants, from classic to very unusual long coats without sleeves. This winter it’s real trend and if you don’t need to run every day outside and you don’t pass outside too much time, you have possibility to impress everybody with such coat. Designers understand, of course, that it’s necessary to save your tender hands from cold, for that they propose wear such long leather coat in combination with long leather gloves or also long gloves from other material. If you want to be first of all original, you can use gloves, decorated with guipure. Combination of leather and guipure is very unusual and t looks charming. Dressed this way you will look every day like a rich and super elegant lady.

If you think that coat without sleeves it’s too extravagant for you, you can stop on variant with three quarters sleeves. It’s also unusual decision for winter time, but designers think that large three-quarters sleeves underline femininity and purity of every woman. So, if you want to look like tender and romantic city princess, it’s your choice. By the way, for stronger effect you can choose white or beige long leather coat. Women fashion feels influence of men one and his season we see it in variety of men coats for women. They look stylish and straight, good choice for business lady.

If you have active life, in this case, you should stop on long leather coat of more conservative cut. It’s very popular to wear two-breasted coat with big buttons and belt. In such coat you will be very attractive, it’s sure. They are made for all ages and for all types of body, they underline your femininity and hide disadvantages of your silhouette. This winter longer coats are very popular, it will be wonderful and warm variant. In combination with fur it will make you elegant and bright lady. Such coat will be your best companion not only for one season, you will be able to wear it next winter and you can be sure that then you will also look wonderful. By the way, this year combination of leather with fur is called the best way to underline your elegance, beauty and good taste. In any time fur was the best decoration of a woman, but only with leather you can be sure in practice of your coat and it make accent on lines of your body. What else is important for attractive woman?

As for colors, this season is called “coming back of brown”, so, any variants of brown are for you. In leather coat made in color of hot chocolate you will never look and feel frozen. Of course, black variants always universal and popular. Also many designers played with grey and all its shadows. But trend of this year is contrast of fur and leather. So, if you choose long leather coat with fur, they will look more attractive if they will be of different colors, for example, a brown coat with black fur or braver variant for glamorous ladies, a rose coat with black fur. You will look unforgettable!