Mens Leather Blazer

The must have for fashion conscious - leather blazer trends

Being fashion conscious gives a lot of advantages. People who know almost everything about trends and brands don’t need to buy a lot of things significant part of which appears to be unnecessary and non-combinable with other pieces of clothes. Real home fashion experts prefer not to waste their time, money and place in their wardrobes but purchase only a few stylish thing with the help of which a great number of images can be easily created.

Leather coat, jacket or blazer is one of such basic things which are must haves for fashionists of both sexes. The popularity of leather outwear can be easily explained by its noble and expensive look, natural origin, being all-seasoned and easy to care of, resistance to wear. A successfully chosen model can serve its owner for years and remain trendy. To choose ‘the right’ mens leather blazer or a model for women the customer should define the general style of  his/her wardrobe, the type of his/her figure and the purpose which he/she is going to buy a new blazer for. After that the process of shopping can be started.

The most successful models for different types of figures

It is not a secret that long length dark colored or monochrome blazers can make the figure visually taller and slimmer. It is true about both men and women. But, trying to mask the excess weight, don’t choose too wide baggy models. They will make your figure look like non-formed mass. Besides, leather will gather in ugly folds and the look of thing will spoil very soon. It would be much better to dwell the choice on straight cut leather blazers and leave extremely free silhouetted models for athletic persons with impressively developed muscles.

Mid thigh length will be ideal both for tall thin figures and short stout ones. This universal cut can balance any look very well. Persons who possess the figures of normal and model sizes can choose anything they like taking into account only the list of things they already have to combine the new blazer with in future.

The newest leather blazer fashion trends

Among the newest trends of blazer fashion there are straight and slim cut, short, extremely short and mid length. New season’s mens leather blazer demonstrates features of work clothes combined with smoking lapels. It is a one-breasted model with modest buttons or zips and welt pockets.

Womens leather blazers boast metal decorative elements (not too bright and not too much), natural colored fur, asymmetric zips. The palette of colors includes, except traditional black, brown, grey and white, all tints of red and blue.

The great emphasis is made on the texture of leather – gathered in folds and quilted leather will be all the range in new cool season. Combinations with of leather and textiles or other kinds of leather will remain trendy as well.

What to wear with

Thanks to their high combinability, leather blazers can be put on with almost any piece of clothes from your wardrobe. If we speak about mens leather blazer, it can easily make an extremely stylish every day look combined with a bright T-shirt or a monochrome casual shirt and jeans. For creating an office image it is better to choose classic or smart casual style trousers and a classic shirt.  You can complete the going out look with a polo shirt or even wear your leather blazer with shorts and sneakers or a hooded when it is cold.

The list of women’s images based on a leather blazer is truly infinite. The most popular of them are combinations with office style and cocktail dresses, depending on the aim of going out. Everyday look can be perfectly completed with skinny jeans and bright T-shirts, and business image can be created with the help of simple tops and classic style trousers.

Women’s leather blazer can be also worn with jeans shorts and thing jerseys, mini skirts and printed blouses, leggings and tunics.

One more positive feature of leather blazers is their perfect combinability with all kind of footwear either classic style shoes or knickers.