Leather Cowboy Hats

What’s new in latest leather cowboy hats

The original cowboy hat is still popular today, despite its inception over a century ago. Fashion designers haven’t swayed from the original concept of the design because this can ruin the hat. For a few years the hat has been worn for recreational purposes, at Halloween parties, themed parties or cowboy themed bars. The common place where a cowboy hat is required to be worn is on top of a mechanical bull.

Even though the leather cowboy hats design is not being messed with; hat manufacturers have divulged other ways of giving the hat a modern and trendy twist. Different accessories and embellishments are added to the hat to create a well-rounded look for hat lovers. Subtle things of the hat have gone through changes, the size has become smaller and the flaps are shorter. Some hats are oversized and still have the inner fold from the ranch.

In today’s market, the attention span of the public is short. Producers, manufacturers and designers are always looking for ways their product can catch the eye of the masses. Accessorizing leather cowboy hats in new and different ways was the best way of catching the public off guard. The different cowboy hats that have flooded the market are sleek, classy and elegant in their own right. As we precede these are a few changes that the cowboy hat has gone through that are new and trendy.

The different colours it is made in

Dark brown, black, white, and yellow are some of the colours that the cowboy hat can be found in. before the colours where added the hat was predominantly a brown colour. A lot of the hats still come with the suede look. This is made from the animal skin that the hat is made from. For shoppers who can’t tell the difference between genuine and fake leather, the suede and worn out look of the hat is an indication that the hat is made of 100% percent leather. The cowboy hat can be made from snake, crocodile, cow and sheepskin. Each animal skin affords the hat a different texture and feel.

The different stitch designs on the cowboy hat

Even though the stitching isn’t something entirely new, it is flattering to the eye and is one of the first things onlookers see. Stitching is done in different places of the hat. The tips of the hat, the brow as well as the middle section of the cowboy hat are the common areas where the stitch is made. The stitching is edgy and modern. A lot of clothes come with prints and cut outs on them to make them more fashionable. This is the same trend that is repeated in the cowboy hat.

The jewelry pieces added to the hat

Studs placed around the brow and tip of the hat make the hat stylish and give it a certain ‘pop’. Because the hat is made in dark colours the shiny jewelry makes the hat stand out. The studs that are placed on the hat come in different sizes.

A leather cowboy hat can be worn casually with a pair of jeans and well-fitting leather shoes. The latest trends in cowboy designs are styles that have been around for a while now. Hat manufacturers have played around with them and re-created the styles to fit the market.