Blue Leather Jacket

Top fashion trends in leather jackets this fall-winter

When looking through the wardrobe, we attentively add things together for each season. But there is such garment, which is needed four times a year. And everyone can guess that it is a leather jacket. Why? Because it can protect from wind, rain or snow, from autumn through spring, and protect from light breeze in summer evenings. So, this is a must have, which is a necessary attribute for anyone. Celebrities and average people tend to demonstrate various variants in their casual style and during wearing leather jackets while special occasions.

So, the top fashion designers are called to create trendy variants of leather apparel to make the choice for any event. This season the collections of many fashion creators are overfilled by different leather clothes.

Shirts and coats, dresses and skirt, pants and shorts – everything is up to you. Various variants and silhouettes abandon with the samples in retro or modern styles, bridging the gap between people ages and smart, desires and abilities.

If to talk about the main features, which are shown in the collections, they may be characterized as simplicity and comfort. Some designers, as AMI, Hermes, J.Crew, Tom Ford, Brioni and Bally focus our attention on sheepskin flying jackets of traditional black or brown colours. They underline within these jackets the abilities to warm and protect the wearer from strong frosts. It seems that designers try to say, that not even colour is as important as its warmth.

Not less popular for cold days are leather jackets with fur collars. They are the variants which people like to have as sophisticated things in the wardrobe and catch the look of the passersby.  Among the designers, who demonstrate such variants of leather jackets are Golden Goose, Yves Salomon, Mango, Mugler, Belstaff and others. They also offer usual black or brown coloured jackets.

But, it is necessary to point, that the leaders among the colours are traditional black, brown and burgundy. Lots of designers offer olive, hacky, cognac, and violet tones.

But among mentioned ones there are also many unusual exclusive variants of turquoise, sand and camel shades. Red or white leather jackets still stay as customized ones and dictate their own rules in fashion world. Blue leather jackets also become popular among leather garments. Not only coats and jackets, but dresses and skirts are made of blue leather and quickly spread from the collections to the stores.

Richard Nicoll and Escada demonstrate the variants of blue clothing. For example, the first offers interesting samples of wool versus leather mix in jackets and coats, when the sleeves are tailored of leather. Richard Nicoll exhibits a warm female flying jacket, which is also decorated with a fur collar. The jacket is teamed with a blue skirt and finished by patent silver loafers. As for blue leather jacket, it is a bold variant, which may be decorated with gold zippers. If you want to be in vogue it is a nice idea to underline your individual smart and figure, especially with cropped jackets. Blue leather jacket may be worn in pair with denims, leather and wool. Black wide pants or skinny trousers will be the best choice to demonstrate an awesome look.

This fall-winter mixed variants of leather jackets are especially trendy. For instance, Jean Paul Gaultier offers fur sleeves, but Mugler – fur hooded jackets. The fabric is also different – from patent to suede. It is also popular to mix plain leather with checked or tartan print material.