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The Sporty look: How pricey it is to own a leather jacket

Sporty style in clothe is the oldest one. It is believed that it appeared when people became interested in sport. Sporty look is considered to be the youth style because of its practicality and expressivity. The main peculiarities of such style in clothes are: the straight, trapezoidal silhouette; sporty style clothe can be both free and dense; variety of such clothe is achieved by trimming details, the combination of materials, selection of colors, textures.

The sporty look is the one of the key trends of the new spring-summer season two thousand fifteen and designers could not ignore it. Did not escape the attention of the designers such simple item of outwear as a leather jacket. The most fashionable in the new season will be simple comfortable cropped leather jackets, which, if they were not of such an expensive material, could be a part of sport wardrobe.

 "Motorbike" leather jackets with zippers with bright inserts are just one of the reflections of the multifaceted trend of the season. Such leather jackets can be of different lengths, including trendy this season length above the waist. As for the shape – it is taste preferences. As for classical “motorbike” leather jacket, it has black color and diagonal fastener. Also, this jacket is characterized by a great number of pockets and long sleeves.

Leather bombers are also an integral part of sporty look. New this season – bombers with fur. Some models may have a detachable hood, surrounded by luxurious, fluffy fur. High collar is usually present in puff bombers, – that allows you to wear a jacket without a scarf. The models of light leather bombers are characterized by the presence of decorative elements such as valves, straps, detachable parts and yoke, and pockets.

In addition, in the future fall season, designers want to shorten the length of the jackets and sleeves. The color palette of fashionable jackets “Bomber 2015” will differ by the presence of a classic autumn colors – black and brown and bright – yellow, magenta and purple.

Jacket with hood is never out of trend. Depending on the availability of warming and the model, it can be worn at any time of the year. In cool summer evening light shortened leather jacket perfectly complement the sporty image, and in the autumn, when it often rains, it is simply irreplaceable. Another novelty in sporty look trend is a kind of imitation of sports sweatshirts of American football players – short leather jacket with textile sleeves. This type of jacket is fashionable to wear with rolled up sleeves almost to the elbow.

Of course if you want to look trendy, you should get used to the idea that it will cost you a pretty penny. Be prepared to shell out about fifty dollars for a good leather jacket. One important thing that you should remember – do not buy cheap leather jackets. Less than in a year, you'll notice the shortcomings of your purchase: cracks, abrasions on leather. Cheap leather jacket will not serve you long and you will not feel comfortable in it. You will just throw your money away. In fact, the answer to the question "how much does a leather jacket cost," depends on whether you are going to wear it often and for how long. For example, if you plan to wear it every day for at least several years, it's just pennies, but if you are going to wear leather jacket on the big holidays twice a year, then even one hundred dollars may seem for you unjustified waste.