Custom Leather Jackets

Customized leather jacket for seasoned bikers – what’s new

The purpose of a good motorcycle jacket is not only to make you look great, but also to give you the necessary protection and convenience. The best choice for biker is the custom leather jackets. Motorcycle leather jackets are sewn exclusively and from high-quality, beautiful leather as quick as possible, taking into accounts all the features of the figure and biker’s individual wishes.

Leather motorcycle jacket is probably the most popular kind of jackets for motorcyclists. They are popular not only because they have great protective features but most of all because it is very cool to have one. Motorcycle jackets are specially sewn in such way that in motion the rider feels as comfortable as possible, by this is meant the position of the body when the rider sits on the bike. That is why the sleeves of motorcycle jackets should be long or even spin and the shoulders need more space. Usually biker’s leather jackets have very long sleeves and cuffs with zipper. This is done in order to be able to wear gloves on the top of the jacket, which serve to provide comfort and protection for the hands. Basically, the front side of the jacket is sealed with additionally sewn leather. It is done to protect the motorcyclist from the strong wind during the ride. If we consider the position of the rider (especially on the sport bike), the coverage of the back should also be taken into account. A zipper of a good motorcycle jacket should not miss the wind or moisture and a good lining ensures the highest level of comfort during the way. Jacket must completely cover the neck and wrists, and the material must not bangle or has folds, which can wobble in the wind. It is also very important to have all sorts of extra pockets, good ventilation and so on. When the measures are taken the person should not be wearing an unnecessary clothe. The maximum that is permitted is a T-shirt and / or underwear. If the measures will be taken in another way, then they can be wrong.

The main indicator for selection of leather for biker’s jacket is the thickness of the leather. It must be very tough and the layer of thickness must be not less than one and six millimeters, such leather is considered to be the prior material for biker’s jackets. This type of leather is durable and resistant to various mechanical damage and bad weather. The most expensive sample of such type of leather is called “Top Grade”: it is very reliable and durable, but except that is soft and pleasant to the touch. The nicest material for biker’s leather jacket is goat’s leather. It is very strong, but at the same time soft. The similar peculiarities have sheep leather, it is thicker than the goat’s leather, and the inner side of the product will have a gray-blue hue. Very expensive custom-made model is sewn from strong, very thick and tough horse leather. It will serve at least fifteen or twenty years. And exactly out of it are made leather jackets for professional bikers and police.

Prices of different custom leather jackets depend primarily on two reasons: the first one this is how well it was sewn and the second one is the availability of all those extra pockets and straps, with which jackets are often decorated. Prices range: starting from about two hundred and fifty dollars and higher.

Choice as always is yours, so choose the best for you and go on conquer the road.