Designer Leather Jackets

The new styles in designer leather jackets

Leather jackets should be an integral element of the wardrobe of the person who wants to look fashionable. This year designers highlight in leather jackets retro style, as well as punk rock style and focus on practicality and comfort. In particular, on the fashion podium can be seen brilliant variations of designer leather jackets: jackets with thorns, suede plus leather, snake, fringe, etc. Collections are full of fashionable biker leather jackets. Asymmetric zip now performs decorative function. Most jackets have length to the waist, but extended samples can be found.

Very popular are asymmetrical jackets. Designers recommend to pay attention to the jacket with short sleeves, asymmetrical hemline, as well as to the jackets with numerous inserts. Many designers present on their shows the unusual jackets with combination of different patches of leather.

Color combinations are also amazing. One sample of a jacket can contain the whole mosaic of colors. Trendy combination of suede and leather always look interesting and presentable and this year is not an exception. Designers’ fashion shows present a vast variety of suede jackets with leather trim.

Designer leather jacket decorated with thorns will help you to create a very radical look. In particular, many designers have presented short jackets in the style of punk rock with thorns, as well as samples decorated with snakes, rivets, etc. An unusual combination of denim and leather is also in trend. Blue, gray and black denim paired with leather, look dynamic and in some way sporty. Sport leather jackets are in the top list of most fashionable clothes this year. For example, a fashion brand Balmain offers short leather jackets of blue, white and black colors.

Autumn leather jackets differ not only in style but also in color. In Autumn (season two thousand fourteen) are actual X-shaped leather jackets, with clear emphasis on the waist, with sloping shoulders, retro patterns and shortened, unisex, youth jackets with collar. For Winter seasons designers recommend jackets from mixed materials such as leather and fur, leather and suede. Genuine leather jacket with metal rivets and jacket with decorative elements are today in trend. These jackets are ideal for the grunge and punk rock style. Such jackets can be combined with tight dresses, as well as strict overalls. Designers use exquisite and unusual trim of the leather in such jackets. The main highlight of winter leather jackets is collars and cuffs finished with light fur. Designers state that the combination of different textures and colors will always be elegant and bright and contrast in colors will highlight fashion peculiarities of the leather jacket.

In the collection of modern designers dominate leather patent or quilted jackets with embroidery or trim that simulate the skin of reptiles. The most popular this season are jackets trimmed with decorative snakes. In the collections of fashion designers also can be seen very short jackets with fringe trim and leather jackets with fur sleeves, shoulders and collar.

Leather jackets two thousand fourteen are presented in a variety of colors. This season will be very popular leather jackets of pleasant, unobtrusive colors: mustard, burgundy and dark green. For those who prefer practicality, designers offer a large number of leather jackets in black.

Elegant classic leather jacket or punk-look jacket? Leather jacket with elements of suede or fur? Mono or juicy colors? The choice as always is only yours. Follow fashion trends and your intuition. They will not betray you.