Hooded Leather Jacket Men

The must have list of garments for collage goers

Student years is perhaps the most active and eventful period of life. And students, like anyone else, want to look stylish, extraordinary and bright. Famous designers advise that when you are choosing clothes for college do not take clothing combinations of different styles at the same time. And follow the rule, which states that the student must make a good impression.

Exists different styles of clothing that are proper for collage goers. The one of them is classical style. This style is proper for students who chose a serious and respectable profession, such as economist, lawyer, psychologist, writer, or scholar. It includes the skirts, business dresses, suits and leather jackets of classic cut and shoes with minimum or without decorative finish. As for color, it can be dark blue, dark gray, brown, black and green. Classic clothing is not necessarily boring, it can be fashionable and original. Now designers paint fur in different colors, and sew velvet jackets and trousers. Choose blouses with sleeves-lanterns, jackets of classic cut, but of bright colors and no one could blame you in the absence of taste. Velvet, corduroy and fur are also in trend.

Preppy style is also popular among students. This style is preferred by many students because of its convenience, comfort, but at the same time elegance. The homeland of this style is the United States, and it occurred on the basis of school uniforms of wealthy college students. Key elements of this style are jackets of various colors, vests with rhombs, bright shirts, knitted sweaters, pleated skirts, colored tights and ties. Such clothing is made of mohair, cotton, tweed, cashmere, and viscose.

Casual style is bright and comfortable. The emphasis in clothe is made on simplicity and convenience. In casual style there are no clear recommendations about what to wear. Every young person is different and has his own way of life, which means that clothes in this style does not subordinate to the demands of fashion, but are based on person’s individuality. It can be jeans and pants, T-shirts and shirts, jumpers and jackets. Casual style means fashion without rules.

For many students the most convenient, practical and comfortable is sporty look. Its main peculiarity is such clothing as comfortable sport pants or breeches, shirts and stylish hooded leather jackets for men, sneakers and bulk bags, in which you can put textbooks and notes, shoes of military style and all outerwear that even remotely resembles reefer, tunic or camisole. The integral element of sport style in clothe is hoodies and hooded leather jackets for men with textile hood. They can be worn with almost any clothe but of course everything depends on the model and cut of the hoodie, as well as the availability and quality of decorating items. The color palette of such clothing ranges from white to black. These clothe is very practical for the active student’s life. But in college such clothing is appropriate only for classes of physical education or sports clubs, but definitely not for attending lectures or seminars.

Thus, the choice of style and clothing is a personal matter. But everyone should know how to distinguish between the styles and properly compose them. You do not need to put yourself in the frame of some trends and be afraid of creativity and innovation in your collage garment. Student years - this is the time when you can experiment with appearance and clothing and eventually find your individuality in a diversity of styles.