Hooded Leather Jacket

Leather jacket trends: what young and wild appreciate?

The availability of leather clothes in the wardrobe is always bold, stylish and modern. Leather is the classic garment material which is popular and fashionable always. Leather clothing have to be the human’s “second skin”. Almost every new season high fashion leather clothing (dresses, jackets, coats, skirts, pants, shorts or overalls) is presented in the collections of the most famous designers in the world. This season also introduces new models of stylish leather jackets for young and energetic people.

The thing by itself is worth nothing if it cannot be successfully combined with other clothes from the wardrobe. Below we’ll analyze the most stylish youth looks with a leather jacket this season. Strict and stayed black, beige, maroon, gray or green leather jacket blends perfectly with the romantic and delicate lace translucent skirt. The jacket may have military details, a small number of buttons and zippers. This look is fashionable, elegant and contrast. Another trendy way this season combines ultra short leather jacket (colors - black, brown, blue, short lower part of jacket and short sleeves) with skirts, classic trousers and dresses. This style of clothing is particularly bold and original. Also young ladies this season can buy a leather jacket with fur. Fur inserts are made in the most unexpected places on the jacket: it may be vest with fur or fur jacket sleeves. Now leather jackets have become the works of art. Fashionable among young people is a leather jacket with matte and glossy skin, a combination of different colors in one jacket, textile inserts, using of velvet. Fashion designers embody different experiments for fans of leather jackets: leather jacket with caped and belt, jacket-corset, leather shirts, shirts and sweaters. Another actual trend is stylish leather jackets oversized with simple pattern. Ladies look freely and comfortably in large jackets. Leather suits are particularly feminine, urgent and bold this season.

Spectacular leather costumes you can choose in black, red, yellow or white. Also you should pay attention to the hooded leather jackets: they can create a sporty or elegant appearance. In total, fashion returns biker leather jackets, jackets of classic style and retro. Most jackets have minimum of details. The main attention is paid to the quality and color of the leather jacket. Also jacket with collar-stance, classic collar or round neck are popular. The prints on leather jackets with animalistic pattern, geometric shapes, flowers, and cell add style and savagery to the look. New season for young people brings asymmetrical leather jackets or jackets with asymmetric details. The most of new models of youth leather jackets you can find in the collections of Zac Posen, DKNY, Versace, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Escada, Theory, Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jason Wu, Louis Vuitton, Robert Rodriguez, Janya Watanabe, Tom Ford, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Valentino, Kenzo, Gucci and many others.

This fashion season brings an incredible amount of new, stylish, unique, non-standard models of leather jackets. Young and wild people of the new generation will be able to create a unique style with a leather jacket with pelerine (romantic and delicate style) or hooded leather jacket (sport and bold style). Many models of leather jackets allow you to feel the spirit 60-70's, when rock and roll, punk rock, heavy metal were especially popular. Leather jacket new autumn / winter seasons combine practicality and comfort that is needed for an active and vigorous life and originality and interesting ideas that will make every young man or woman feel stylish and fashionable. Create your inimitable style with new leather jacket trends!