Leather Jacket

What to know before you buy a leather jacket

Buying leather apparel is a bit tricky as the choice of quality product is difficult due to the increasing variety available on the market. However, you may make a wise choice if you have sufficient relevant knowledge before you go to buy a jacket made of leather. Different types of materials are used to manufacture these jackets, so knowing about them may help a great deal.

Natural leather is used to make the jackets after the hide of different animals is treated or tanned. The most commonly used hides in this regard include the cowhide, sheepskin, antelope, lambskin and buckskin. Different methods of tanning are employed in order to make the jackets. Reliable, non-stretchable and flexible leather can be produced after the process of Chrome tanning. The process makes the leather blue and can therefore, be dyed to other shades also.

A sort of artificial leather made from plastic, often known as “faux leather” is the synthetic leather. Before you make a final decision of buying a particular jacket, you should be mindful of the fact that synthetic leather is different from original leather and should be able to differentiate the two. Well!

The first distinction between the two lies in the price difference. The synthetic one is a bit cheaper than the original leather as the cost of manufacture is on the lower side. In addition, the synthetic leather has an additional bonded layer of either foam or some other material on the cut edge. Moreover, one of the distinct features of genuine leather is its typical smell which is not present in the synthetic leather. Besides this, synthetic leather is more stretchable than the genuine type of leather. The synthetic leather has a porous material which makes it difficult to be worn for long hours as the user sweats more.

The full grain leather is the one which is not sanded. It has more breathability and hence does not cause sweating even if worn for long hours. Al though it does not wear and tear easily but instead develops layer on the surface which can be peeled off.

The top grain leather is mostly used to manufacture the high quality leather jackets as they are very expensive and are regarded as the high end leather garments. It is the second highest quality after the natural leather. It is made after the process of “splitting” a layer away, thus making the leather thinner and in turn pliable to be used for different purposes. it is less breathable as the surface is sanded and a final coat has been applied to give it a glossy outlook. A leather jacket made from this type of leather looks more like a plastic due to the fact that it is given an artificial look. A leather jacket from this type of leather would cost you less and it is stain resistant making it a good choice for all those out there who want to have a leather jacket for casual use.

Corrected grain leather is also used to manufacture the jackets and it includes all those types of leather which have been artificially processed in order to give artificial grains visible to the surface. These are just a few types of leather about which you need to know about before you go to have your favorite leather coat or jacket.