Red Leather Jacket

How to choose a leather jacket

Leather garments is a must have this season. Lots of fashion designers create stylish variants to attract special fashion lines in various samples of leather clothing. Coats and jackets quickly become popular among females and males. Dictated tendencies include exclusive variants and demonstrate interesting models for everyday wear and some special events.

The best decision for casual wear is a leather jacket, because it warms in cold autumn days, protects from wind and rain, and, of course, shows individual smart of the wearer. Different combinations of jackets in pair with scarves and gloves, hats and other accessories demand from the lovers of this thing to be careful and not forget about basic fashion rules.

To choose a leather jacket is not a science, but it is the hard work, which has to be done by the wearer, including searching new fashionable variants due to the recommendations of some top fashion leaders. This season both cropped and long jackets are in fashion. Especially popular are black biker leather jackets, being studded and zipped. Classic variants of jackets are buttoned and even may be worn at office. Some designers demonstrate both slim-fit jackets and oversized ones. They offer how to pair them with leather skirts and it appears the look from ‘90s. Such tendency, for instance, is shown by Saint Laurent and others.

Not less important is the color of the jacket. For those ones, who like subdued tones, this season designers propose many variants of clothing from beige, sand, caramel and other shades. But extravagant people always prefer something bright, so, they may choose attire in vivid colours, such as red leather jacket, green, turquoise, blue or yellow ones.

The next important step to choose the proper variant of leather jacket is the necessity to pay attention on the quality of the material. Genuine leather may be easily checked and its price will say for itself. The material of a good quality usually costs much, but it will serve for a long time if the wearer thinks of careful use. Nice leather scent will also convince you, that the jacket is tailored of genuine leather. This season designers offer jackets, made of lambs, goats or cowhide. Chic elements are represented in the jackets, tailored of crocodile skin.   

Choosing a favourite thing for the wardrobe, there is a need to think of the abilities to wear it, no matter if the jacket is in fashion within the new trends, or not, because silhouette is that element, which may either, improve or worsen the whole look. The buyer should pay attention on the length of the sleeves, shoulder width, the number of pockets and the places where they are sewn. Sometimes they help to enlarge visually the hips if there is such a need, or to protect carefully the chest from the wind if they are placed there.

This year fashion creators present different leather clothing, including multicolored variants. Blue, camel, red leather jacket are offered be Gucci and Versace. These colors attract boldness, confidence and beauty. Leather versus wool are also in fashion, so the vests of some jackets are made of leather, but the sleeves are sewn of other material, or vice verse, some sleeves are tailored of leather or even fur. Collars, offered by designers, are also various and fur ones are especially trendy. They are specific for any popular variant – biker or flight ones. Both are modish.

So, if you are going to visit a shop to buy a new leather jacket, there is a need to remember about the quality, the color and the silhouettes of the jackets.