Vintage Leather Jackets Men

Tanned leather, the everlasting look – What to buy this season

For men and women to be in trend this season means to have at least one thing made of high-quality natural leather, it does not matter weather it is a jacket, vest, coat, tight pants or skirt. The color range of leather garments is quite varied. On the one hand, are popular fuzzy, blurry colors and on the other hand, during this period can be chosen lush bright colors.

This season, the most famous designers presented their collections in which the leading position occupied tanned leather jacket. Some women’s and men’s jackets are trimmed with fur and pockets are decorated with jacquard. Other models are complimented with the elements of patchwork: the jacket is decorated with patches from different materials, such as suede, cashmere, tweed and velour.

Vintage leather jackets for men are also in trend. These are usually aged jackets with worn effect; they have dense square lapels and pockets. As for colors, they will definitely amaze you. The favorite is the brown color with its tones: caramel, beige, coffee with milk, light beige, dark milk, sand. Brown color is also peculiar to the vintage leather jackets for men that make them look more relaxed. And of course, the classic variant stays on the leading position: black color, as always in fashion.

Fashion leather coats two thousand fourteen are made of patent or matte leather of dark blue, black, sand, chocolate and coral colors. Many designers used materials that imitate the skin of exotic animals. For autumn designers do not recommend to choose maxi-options of coats, but coats with length up to middle of the knee. An interesting solution was a combination of leather and wool. These coats look very stylish, but the decorative elements in them should be at a minimum.

Most of the designers this year called black leather pants a real hit. They can be decorated with rivets and zippers. Their versatility is simply amazing. These pants are perfectly combined with the classic jackets and blazers. And for women’s leather skirts with high waste are very actual this season. Designers offer flared leather skirts of free cut. To give the image lightness and simplicity, it should be combined with a t-shirt of discreet colors.

Tanned shoes, boots of different colors made of lacquered leather are in trend today. Leather shoes with woven items also continue to be in favor of the leading footwear brands. The very important thing is that leather outerwear and shoes should be of one tone.

As for different accessories, there should be mentioned gloves, which save us from the cold autumn wind and the winter frost. The trend of this season is long leather gloves for women and, as usually, short leather gloves for men. The classic color of these fashionable leather things – black, but you can pick up the gloves depending on the color of your clothing. Unchangeable leather accessory is belt or waistband. This year is especially popular narrow belt of this material. And, of course, tanned bags. It cannot be said that the big roomy bags have taken the back seat. However, the first place is occupied by handy little briefcases, purses and bags, medium-sized folder-bags. They are made of different kinds of leather and are of completely unusual colors: from very bright to more pastel colors.

It is impossible to imagine autumn and winter without leather clothes and accessories. Fashionable leather things this season have a unique style, but at the same time are very different. If you want to be in trend this season, choose outerwear, pants or a skirt of this material.