White Leather Jacket

Leather garments: Whats new in Fashion world this season

This season fashion world abounds the designers’ collections, which offer various leather garments, easily spreading among people, who value this texture and prefer comfort and beauty at once. White leather jacket, classic black or brown ones, pants, vests and coats of colorful leather conquer peoples mind.

Almost each designer tries to propose exclusive modern variants of leather skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, jackets, coats and blazers. When watching the catwalk shows, it seems that you are in the world of fairytales with people, whose main wardrobe thing is a leather piece of clothing, which is chosen to accommodate all the necessary elements to protect from weather conditions and make the look trendy at the same time. It argues that leather is fabrics, which universally helps to be fashionable four seasons a year.

The next group of people, who underline the popularity of leather garments, is celebrities. We may watch as Jennifer Lopez, Bella Thorne, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, spouses Beckham and others give lots of chances to their lovers to copy the style they propagate in casual and occasion style. 

This season the most fashionable shades are subdued tones. They attract warmth, calm and clearness. Not forgiven stays a white colour, attracting purity and tranquility, mystery and boldness. There are many white leather things, offered by fashion advisors. For instance, white leather jacket is deemed to bring a great success to the wearer and the colour of it sends a hint, that it can be worn forever. Any fur products, such as white fur hats, gloves and white velvet pants or leather trousers/skirt may add some pure elegance to the wearer and truly make a sophisticated look. White boots will over white accents and make this look eye-catching. No patchwork and provocative elements, just white serenity and clear combination in mentioned color.

Leather jackets, trench coats and blazers both for males and females are presented by Gucci, AMI, Versace, Fendi and others. The variants are very different – from classic to sportive ones. Hooded jackets, sheepskin flying jackets, bomber jackets, pea coats, biker or aviator jackets and so on are offered this season.

The bottom of leather garments shows a wide range of pants and skirts, which are presented by 10Crosby Derek Lam, David Koma and Diesel. They also show fashionable dresses with classic and rock elements.

Such variants may be teamed with stylish handbags and shoes or knee-high lace up or zipped boots.

The types of the leather are very different. It is a lambskin or crocodile leather, which costs much, but it helps some people to dictate exclusiveness in fashion world. Simpler variants are presented for casual wear and being more practical.

Male wardrobes can be added by leather shirts, which are offered in the collections of Versace and Gucci. It is a nice cool invention in leather fashion world, but not so comfortable. These shirts may be paired with pants of different material, such as velvet, wool, denims, and, of course, leather. As for shoes, men can choose loafers, trainers, or leather boots. The hat will add some zest to a handsome guy, who risks becoming a seducer, wearing a leather shirt by top designers. This season, the shirts, the designers offer, are of black and brown colours.

It is important to remember about leather vests, which are also recommended by some fashion creators this season. Classic black colored vests are again in fashion. They are very popular among youth. The vests are worn in team with denim shirts, tees, blouses, jeans, trainers, and boots and so on. Swag style is combined with leather vests.